How You React When Something Goes Wrong (According to Your Zodiac): No. 9 Is The Coolest

In life, we are all going to experience times when absolutely everything seems to be going wrong. We all have different reactions to that, which are strongly influenced by our Zodiac sign. Here is how each sign reacts to everything going wrong.

1. Aries

They Explode

As an Aries, you have a strong and assertive personality, which makes your anger so passionate. When everything goes wrong your frustration explodes in a desire to break things, and insult people. You become rude, easily irritated, and likely to do things that you will regret down the road. Thankfully, your anger does not last very long.

2. Taurus

They feel anxious/insecure

When something goes wrong, your try to cope by isolating yourself. You become more sensitive than usual, and lose energy to do things. You feel like everyone is out to get you. Instead of taking responsibility for your actions you just ignore the issue.

3. Gemini

They feel overwhelmed and lost

You also lose motivation, and become depressed. You quit caring, but also become more stressed than normal. If someone tries to help you are either unresponsive or sarcastic.

4. Cancer

They feel alone

You will isolate yourself because you feel no one is there anyway. You will become painfully honest, and mean, which will cause you to hurt people.

5. Leo

They feel unsure

You start to second guess everything, and become dramatic. You get distant, and are more aggressive than normal. If someone tries to help you refuse to listen.

6. Virgo

They criticize others

You become lazy, and develop a bad attitude. You suffocate others, but are also overly critical of everything they do.

7. Libra

They retreat

You become very melodramatic, and sensitive about everything. You manipulate, taunt, and hurt other people. If you are not doing one of those three things, then you are completely ignoring everyone.

8. Scorpio

They become vindictive/cold

Your emotions fluctuate. You tend to seek revenge, become obsessive, and act unreasonably. If anyone tries to reach out you act cold.

9. Sagittarius

They don’t care

You don’t care about anything, or anyone. Everything needs to be about you, or you will start an argument. You are unforgiving.

10. Capricorn

They feel exhausted

You become a jerk, and boss people around. Everything annoys you, and you constantly feel attacked. You become detached and want to be alone.

11. Aquarius

They Clam Up

You become more detached than a Capricorn, and also want to be left alone. You become desperate and illogical. You are quick to say something that hurts.

12. Pisces

They feel like everything is in pieces

You become clingy, and let everything influence you. You are self-destructive, and take everything to the extreme. You become lost, and hide from everything you can.

Knowing how the different signs react to everything going wrong can help you calm down a friend, or even help you put your own mind set into perspective. You can learn to be proactive the next time you feel like everything in your life is going wrong.

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