The Many Reasons for you to Keep Going

You will have to keep motivation to keep going in order to keep growing. Life can be tough sometimes, it is very common to have an existential crisis. Every person, no matter who they were in life, once had an existential crisis. They didn’t start to sob, they turned their own world around. This world is a place where we all to survive to be the best of us. The competition can be very fierce and life might throw tantrums at you, but you don’t back down. You get back up and work harder.

You are so much more than your circumstances

Life gets tougher as we grow up. As we grow up, our problems grow up as well. Remember the time when the toughest part of the day was to complete our homework?

Being able to earn a livelihood is now the equivalent of doing homework. The only difference is that you have to work harder than before. We all are more than what life gives us, we are unique and talented. We mean something to people and we are better than our problems. Problems exist to be solved. You’ll make it through.

You could just be a decision away from peace

Learn to go with the flow. Take spontaneous decisions and be impulsive about life. Life isn’t easy, but what good comes from whining about it all the time? It is better to start a low paying job rather than being unemployed. Take a decision to change your life. Stand on your feet and learn to stand tall.

Every ‘No’ you get could be bringing you closer to a ‘Yes’

Don’t be afraid or anxious if all you get is rejection out of your life. Life is a game and it is just leveling up right now. Your time is to come soon. Stay put and stay firm. Being rejected from all colleges doesn’t mean you won’t make it into the practical world. Steve Jobs was a drop out and look where he got.

There are several examples of people who were nothing and they ended up changing the world. Rejection and “no” is a part of our lives, they’re just making way for something better which awaits us.

Struggles are a part of your experiences

No struggle means no hard work. We all know that without hard work there is no success. Yes, it is okay if you feel down while working, we all do. It is completely okay if your boss is overloading you with work because that is how it is supposed to be. Struggle teaches us how to live in this competitive world. Struggle makes us a better human and more importantly, a better man.

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You must keep going because you really matter!

Many youngsters report to be feeling very lonely and isolated. The adolescents period is one of the toughest periods of our lives. We are losing friends and we are not on good terms with our family because that’s what it is like to be young. It doesn’t matter if your lover is leaving you or parting away, that all is part of life. You just have to know that you matter and no one has authority over you.

You have no idea how many lives you have touched

Do you remember the kid you saved from being bullied when you were in the 8th standard? That kid still idealizes you and wants to be like you when he grows up. Remember the lady you helped cross the street? She prayed for your well being. The newspaper stand guy knows you’ve got it tough but he wants you to win the lottery. Your parents might be angry with you but that is just love and concern. They love you more than you think, all they want from you is to prosper.

You can only move forward, it is not possible to go back

No good comes out of living in the past. Past is a story that you’ll tell your kids to inspire them. Yes many people betrayed you, left you but you still breathe fresh every day. You still wake up and you have several other reasons to keep going on for the rest of your life. Inspiration and motivation are different for everybody. When I was young, I wanted to be successful to support my family and get married to the girl I loved. For that, I knew that I had to keep going rather than clinging to the past.

You must keep going because you have a purpose!

If you haven’t given it a thought, it is high time that you do. Life is not going to get easier from now on. It is just going to level up. Find a reason to get up and start working harder every morning. Find that purpose which makes you strive harder. Love is the key, love makes people do wonder. If you love someone, do it for them. Love yourself and make life great for your own sake.

Life offers many other options

When you think that life has stopped, sit down, relax and think about what happened. One door closes, several opens. You just have to find the best fitting door for yourself. Giving up is for the weak, strong people don’t give up. They keep going on. If you think there is no way out from your own mortification, then you are mistaken. You aren’t looking close enough to see, every problem has a solution.

Life was never promised to be easy

Whosoever is saying that life will get easier and it will all pass, they’re not being honest with you. Life doesn’t get easier, life always brings you problems and you just have to stand up to them. Life is a survival and you just have to keep bringing the best fight you’ve got.

Be patient, you will win soon. Sit back and relax, knowing that God has a better plan for all of us, we just have to work hard for it.

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