Reasons Why Time Spent Alone Is Productive

Being productive is very hard when you have so many distractions near you. Friends, family and your social networks always keeps you nagging around, you are always so curious and involved when you have someone around that you have a tough time concentrating. Let’s focus on how can we be productive and how being alone helps us in this matter. 

Being alone can do wonders for you, thoughts and ideas come to you when your brain is consumed by your own thoughts. But mind you, being alone and being lonely are two different roads, you might not want to confuse them both.

Productivity isn’t easy to achieve, you have to work for it, work harder than usual. Productivity requires a person to put force into their plans and come out with something useful. 

You can peacefully value your ideas in solitude

Sometimes we do need our own appreciation for something we have come up with; because sometimes not everyone understands our perspectives. This is something we have all gone through, being misunderstood. People are ruthless, they act on what they believe is right, regardless of whatever you are offering to them.

It is time you gained some perspective about yourself. It is time you started to value your own decisions and life choices. Being alone and ideas which sow in your brain in solitude are the ideas which grow to be multinationals. 

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, John F Kennedy and Mahatma Gandhi, all of these personalities were rejected when they tried to make their ideas public, however, they never gave up. What they have thought as individuals became reality and changed the world for its betterment. Do not disregard your ideas just because people do not understand. If your idea seems realistic and doable, it is worth a shot. GO FOR IT!

Most creativity arises in solitude

It is a bitter fact but our creativity often gets lost or interfered around others. Many individuals might argue that Leonardo Di Vinci invented everything because he was high on opium, some would say that he was an intelligent man regardless of his habits.

However, I believe in what the truth has told us, he created all his profound inventions in solitude. The model for a flying machine, came to him in solitude, the famous painting “The Last Supper” was painted in solitude and the list goes on. Now, imagine if Picasso had asked his fellow beings before painting Mona Lisa, they would’ve called him a mad man and disregarded him. 

You are most creative and open to ideas when there is no force stopping you. According to research, most creative people to ever walk this earth were lunatics and lonely people, ignored by their own time. Your brain is a complex organism, it works in different directions, connecting things and works astonishingly better in solitude. Your brain comprehends all possibilities of your actions, it works regardless of being humiliated when it is alone. 

You get to know yourself better by being alone

When you’re alone, you discover yourself. Not only your talents, even your spiritual side is brought to life when you’re alone. Have you ever taken a vacation just by yourself and sat by a hillside wondering about nature?

If you haven’t, it is time you experienced this unholy feeling of being holy. Your mind will expand and bring you the best of ideas you couldn’t have imagined while living in a busy city. Try it, you will never regret taking my advice for real. 

Alan Turing, the man who cracked the Enigma. Enigma was German device used in the second world war to transfer messages and attacks. If it wasn’t for Mr. Turing, the war wouldn’t have ended for the next 5 years and more people would’ve died. Alan Turing always used to work alone, he was consumed by his personality and kept his mind at peace by staying away from people. His mates who were working on the Enigma with him were fed up with him because he would disregard their work and preferred to work alone.  

You discover skills or talents you didn’t know you had

Sometimes, we don’t feel comfortable enough to try something in front of others and maybe that could be holding us back from our undiscovered talents. We as humans tend to be shy and introverted when surrounded by people. If you ask a confident person to sing in a crowd of 10, he would hesitate a bit. This happens because we fear rejection, everyone does. However, when you’re alone, there is no one to reject you. 

So, you surf through yourself and find those hidden qualities you’ve always had and you work on them. The practice process is difficult and anyone witnessing this process would humiliate you.

Hence, if you want to be productive about your skill or talent, work on it in complete solitude and don’t exhibit your talents until unless you think you’re read to do it. This is how being alone can be productive for you

Kids learn to regulate their behavior better in their alone time

Their age requires a lot of their experimentation so we must let them discover the world by themselves often. According to research, kids who were exposed to adult supervision while using the computer were weak computer users compared to kids who did not have guidance. How does this tie up?

When your kid is being helped and properly guided, he is not exploring much, he is not free to explore and make mistakes on his own. 

This fact has been registered in history that experience is the best teacher of them all. So the kids who weren’t guided or had adult supervision, had their chance to explore the machine and learn how it works. They read the instructions rather than being told by someone. They excelled in using a computer as compared to other kids. 

Our kids learn better when they are free. They won’t know the expense of a vase until unless they break it, they won’t be kind until unless they’ve been mistreated by someone. 

Daniel Parker

Daniel Parker is a writer, entrepreneur and a father. Daniel takes on digital platforms to write about his feelings and thoughts towards everything he loves. Daniel, currently living in Dallas, Texas and loves outdoor activities with his family.

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