One Relationship We All Experience and Find The Hardest to Get Out Of

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It is never easy to end a relationship. It is never easy to tell a person who is intensely in love with you that it is over.

Losing someone is difficult, but sometimes, you must re-evaluate the relationships in your life to see them for what they are.

There is a well-known saying, one that’s cliché, but one that must be a constant reminder: relationships are two-way streets.

If only one person is putting forth the effort, then what is the sense in maintaining the relationship?

As harsh as it may sound, you must keep in mind that life is not always sugary sweet. The truth hurts. However, once that reality is accepted, it is freeing.

Questions may arise: How do I know if this relationship is genuinely one-sided? What if I am overreacting? What if I do not see the full picture? Again, how do I know?

Partnering with An All-Consuming Person

Your partner is the person who rushes to the microphone, the one who has sole control of focus.

The one who craves the attention. They either flat out don’t listen, or they catch every other word to look like they are paying attention.

They are dying to get their words out on the table, even if the story has been repeated numerous times before. Their story is the story of all stories, which often leaves you wondering if the need to one-up is something done on purpose or if they cannot contain themselves.

This is the person who you are in a relationship with but do not feel an emotional connection with.

This partner is also the one who picks up their cellphone to message you when all you’re asking for is space, and they repetitively question if something is wrong, to the extent where it is annoying.

This may be all habitual but, you must ask yourself this: ‘Is this something you want?’

This person is smart. Putting together your first three, four or maybe five sentences, and trying their hardest to fulfill all your needs but it just doesn’t do it for you. And you soon begin to consider yourself truly ungrateful.

Distancing Yourself is Imperative to Your Well-Being

In any relationship, if only one person is dedicated, it will be the hardest for you to get out. Too much attention is also something, individuals dislike in a relationship and especially when you see that your partner is way too serious about it, then you are.

Relationships do no subtract, they add. 

In a relationship, we flourish because of our partners.

It may take some time to realize that your partner is the only one putting in the work. And when the reality of it hits, it may be crushing for them.

These one-sided relationships produce confusion that will eventually turn into a tug-of-war within yourself, which then will ultimately leave you to be weighed down and underestimated.

You must not allow this to happen. If not for yourself, then for the other.

But you have to put yourself first also.

This is not considered selfish; it is doing what is best for you. This person has been sweet to you, they have been there for you, but every time you try to talk to them, they are not the best listener or maybe they are just too laid back.

In the end, they are hurting you.

Once you step away—and this means stepping away for good—it is guaranteed that your vision will be clearer.

You will see the ones who you can connect with, and you will meet others who will acknowledge your worth, and they will show it.

You will understand not only how fabulous of a person you are, but how fabulous of a person you have always been.

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About the Author: Chad Stevenson is an entrepreneur, husband and a father of three beautiful daughters. Time to time, Chad takes on digital platforms to write about his feelings and thoughts towards everything he loves and is surrounded by in life. Chad, currently living in Orlando, Florida, loves outdoor activities with his family and has almost made 7 trips to Disney in the past 10 months.

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