Research Says Untidy and Latecomers Are More Intelligent & Happy!

Research says untidy and latecomers are more intelligent!

Science has been wild lately with all its research that the Earth is not spherical, Earth is indeed oval in shape, weird right?

Now you must be wondering what science has been up to lately, all these researches have been mind-boggling and weird.

The most intriguing research that came along the news was latecomers and untidy people who have been cursed their entire life because of their irresponsible attitude might be more intelligent than the people waking up early and being on time always. 

One more thing that we need to take in account is the relative meaning of intelligence, well intelligence has nothing to do with your grades ACT and SAT scores or how much money you can make in 9 hours.

Intelligence in psychology, or the cognitive study of the brain means how well functioning a human brain is.

According to this research, people who are untidy and late for everything, supposedly happen to have higher IQ and better neural connections than the rest of the world.

Now, before we dig into the debate, untidiness has nothing to do with baths, it just means how a person organizes his belongings, his bed or his closet. 

We all have a classmate who is always late for class, unresponsive to groups, too social for everyone but he/she still manages to have better grades than the people who have been studying for the test for two weeks.

That last minute student, whom you taught, still he or she scored more than you on a test you studied all night. The worst feeling ever, IKR!

Well here is the main drill.   

When you don’t care about tidiness, you adapt quickly! 

What people usually do is that they create patterns while learning, they follow a schedule or a timeline they created to learn something, for example, if they want to learn a language, they’ll go for the alphabets and then the numbers but if you are untidy, you are lazy enough to not do that, you’ll learn it altogether and try to find connections while adapting something, which is a faster and efficient way to learn.

This helps untidy and lazy people to memorize things at a higher rate as their mind is automatically generating connections or signs to memorize things. 

An untidy desk is a sign of intelligence

An untidy desk means you are either too lazy to assemble your desk or you don’t have much time to put together all the things in an organized manner.

Since you are no big fan of “organizing and tidiness” means your desk always has stuff gathered around, which has been just lying there for weeks.This is a sign of an intelligent brain, people with untidy desks are likely to come up with better strategies and reports for a business or a class.

Your brain works in a weird way, the answer might be right in front of you but unfortunately, you cleaned up and piled up all the paperwork, but an untidy person sooner or later finds it out.

They will come up better strategies and analytics, they might even be a good public speaker since their brain is always absorbing their environment; thus, resulting in an increase of vocabulary, they don’t realize it but the subconscious brain is always on its work.

Procrastination only means you care about perfection

Now, if you procrastinate a lot and always find yourself submitting your homework at the eleventh hour then don’t worry. Procrastination is a part of every millennial life, every person in their twenties is skipping classes and procrastinating their assignments, this shows how confident you are, you have a firm belief in yourself that you can complete your homework, no matter how hard it is, at the eleventh hour and still nail it.

By procrastination and working on the edge gives you leverage over others, as many have completed their assignment and you can get help from them or you can always push your intellect to the next level and come up with a miracle to save you.

People who work at the eleventh hour are always looking for loopholes or smarter ways to conduct a task, rather than doing it the mainstream way.

Creativity comes AFTER a little mess

In every movie, every novel, the writer is an absurd drinker and whenever their narrative is being told their place is always described as the most untidy place in the world. Whether be Da Vinci’s Demon or Fault In Our Stars, the artist is shown to be untidy, yet they are the most creative people in their own time frame.

Creativity is directly proportional to intelligence, the more intelligent a person is, the more likely he is to give more meaning or to unfold more dimensions to a story, resulting in him being creative than others.

As history is evident that wonders have happened by people who were disowned by their time and people, they have come on top of the world and astonished people by their thoughts and discoveries.

A thinker could get late, it’s justified (the thinking, strategizing, analyzing takes time)

There’s this saying that goes by “successful people either go to bed at 5 or awake for work at 5.” Well, too many people might show how much hard work is required but if a person is late, according to statistics they have higher IQ than others.

Since whenever you are late for something, you are more eager to catch up with everyone rather than following the usual pace, you go out of bounds to absorb whatever you have missed while you were not there.

Being late at office means that your boss is about to get real mad; so, in order to hide the guilt, you try to give your best to your work and your brain tries to find better and quicker ways to execute a task, which results in you doing your job at a higher pace than others, and once your cognition finds a flow, it works like a soothing river, in a flow, steady and strong.  

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