Role of Father in Child Development

We all know that parents play a very important role in child development and the care they provide for their kid is the result of his actions in his or her life. However, today we are going to talk about how much importance does a father’s role in child development.

We all know that father’s are believed to be the person who provides for the family and every need of the child. This is somehow one of the most saddest but the most realist truth of our lives.

The entire burden of financial upbringing of a person depends on his father. Which includes education, food on the table and every other thing you can think of. 

We all know that a caring father would provide to such needs of his child, no matter what the situation is. He will work day and night, toggle through shifts and make a good earning to provide for his family.

We are going to discuss some more prominent details of what else should a father do, to make sure that his children are going to prosper in the future.

Here is the tricky part, every father knows that in his life he goes through a face where he decides what kind of father does he want to be. He can choose to be authoritarian, friendly or a mixture of both. 

Why do people with single mothers turn out to be more arrogant and confused in life than people raised by single dads?

According to research children raised without a father are more likely to become addicted to intoxicants. They are more likely to turn out less confident and with no motive clarity. 

Check out this article on the problems a “Single Dad” has to go through while raising a child

We already know how a father should be, or in general, I must say, how a parent should be towards their child. They should be considerate and caring, keeping in mind the needs of their child. Children are quite sensitive to a lot of things while they are still developing cognitive recognition. 

You have to act according to their ages, obviously if you treat a teenager like you treat a toddler, he is going to zone out and find you creepy.

Similarly you can’t just scold a toddler for trying to eat something which is isn’t edible. He has no sense of the world and he is establishing between what to eat and what to not. You don’t see a 20 year old guy trying to eat a ball, because he has learned that balls are to play with, not to eat.

Presence of a Father makes a child confident

According to research, children with Father’s who have an active role in their development are more likely to be confident and sharp. They perform better at school as compared to other kids.

According to another research, people who are inspired by their dads are more likely to be career oriented in life. They are more likely to be successful if they follow a strong person with a fatherly bod. This might seem very out of the blue but this is how it is.

A father can teach their kid to be upright and how to a perfect gentleman. Since they know that from experience and life has taught them much. They have gone through problems and miseries. They still try to bring out the best of them for their family and friends.

The best teacher in life is experience and if you help your child understand your part of the story from your experience, they’ll relate to it and understand it better.

Why should a father be authoritarian and only a bit friendly?

This notion is highly debated amongst many. Many people say that a father should be both authoritarian and friendly, some say they should be authoritarian and some say not authoritarian at all.

Authoritarian parenting

Let’s examine all the conditions above. Let’s start with how authoritarian parenting affects the cognitive development of your child. Being too hard on someone can leave feelings being untouched and them been driven away from you.

If you don’t give them a reason for your actions and just ask them to do whatever they are told to, you are not letting them develop any rational towards things.

In precise words, you’re depriving them from being good decision takers. Not only are you taking rationality from them, you are making them not sure of themselves. If a person is afraid of you, he will never open up to you about how they feel.

So you’ll be deprived of them sharing their problems with you. A child needs a parent who can understand and respond to their problems, with whom they can relate their problems with.

Permissive parenting

Letting your child do whatever he/she wants to do is the most dangerous thing to do. Teaching your child values and principles is important since it makes them human and have sound judgement. Permissive parenting spoils kids and makes them irresponsible.

However, permissive parenting results in kids being quite confident if they have a smart responsive mind. Every style of parenting has its ups and downs. Parenting requires great observational skills, you need to observe the kind of parenting your child is more comfortable with. You can’t switch between the two and expect your child to be not awkward.

Authoritative parenting

This kind of parenting comes with a manual. Where you know when to make your child understand your rational and when to let them go wild. As a father you should overshadow your child and teach him the difference between right and wrong.

Try to be the perfect role model for him and teach him what life has taught you. Being a bad father is worse than having no father at all. So know that all your actions have repercussions and will affect your child in every way possible.


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Daniel Parker is a writer, entrepreneur and a father. Daniel takes on digital platforms to write about his feelings and thoughts towards everything he loves. Daniel, currently living in Dallas, Texas and loves outdoor activities with his family.

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