What is the role of religion and spirituality in health?

role of religion and spirituality in health

Millions of years of evolution and we are still nowhere close to any logical reasoning of how or why we were created. Are we just pawns in a bigger universe? Is someone really there, or the Prophets just played us?

Such questions enter the heart when you’re not so sure about your religion. When you have a weak faith compared to others. Today we’re not going to talk about whether God exists or not, or which religion to follow and which not to.

Our notion of discussion will strictly be limited to whether religion aids to health and how does religion bigots spirituality. Religion and spirituality both come together, consider spirituality to be the next level of religion.

In my own personal opinion, you can not achieve spirituality unless you have faith, or unless you’re close to God. Some might also refer to spirituality as Sufism, but both are quite different if we look closely at their belief-systems.

Origin of religion and spirituality

Religion has been a vital part of our world since men came into existence. It is human nature to always have some supernatural power guiding him to righteousness. We urge to depend on something or someone, we can not survive without believing in destiny.

Religion has walked Earth since the beginning of time. Religion has been a vital part, integrated with our little world, syncing all life in perfect harmony.

Spirituality basically finds its way from the knowledge of beyond and after. We all know life will one day seize, but what happens when life seizes? That is what spirituality is all about.

Religion and its obligation

Religion defines us, it gives us an identity. Even being an atheist defines a lot about your personality, so don’t take this in the wrong way.

We need things to describe us, our accent tells where we’re from and how we grew up. Our name defines us, giving us an identity so that we can be unique in all ways.

Religion requires a certain sense of life. It asks you to forbid yourself from all the sins and be a man of nature. Religion forbids us from indulging in foul activities, like murder, intercourse, and drugs that ruin us.

All these activities ruin us, in hindsight. Drugs have an adverse effect on our health.

Hence, religion makes us take all the right decisions for ourselves, resulting in us being a better person. A better human, who doesn’t drink much, doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t indulge in false activities, promising better health in return.

Spirituality and it’s needs

Spirituality can be regarded as the need of the soul. You can not achieve solace without a touch of spirituality. You must be thinking that I am confusing spirituality, but trust me this is the real picture of spirituality.

Spirituality requires you to be stolid, self-concerned and isolated; in order to attain its full form. Spirituality requires you to abstain from all worldly needs and limit yourself to your faith. You need to study, learn, and prostate in order to attain spirituality.

When you abstain from worldly needs, you consume the best of diets present in this world. You tend to eat fresh food and exercise your brain to stay calm.

Spirituality ensures you don’t overdo yourself, which results in you being 10x healthier. You can never picture spirituality without religion. You need to have a proper insight into how your diet should affect you.

How do religion and spirituality intertwine with each other

Relationship between religion and spirituality

You can not have either without the other. Religion without believing in the spiritual is impossible. Hence, you can not have faith unless you have spirituality. Both and interconnected in such a way that if you take one out of the equation, you won’t be able to practice one.

Therefore, it is important that you should take both in regard while practicing. It is best to understand the demographics of both in order to completely understand them.

Religion deals with belief in the unknown power that created the world; spirituality deals with being close to that creator.

Relationship between religion and health

Religion aids to your health like water aids in a human body. Religion cleanses our soul and urges us to do the right thing. It urges us to stand astray from the sins that would hurt us. Religion and health both work in synergy.

Religion tends to help us grow in every way. Some religions like Buddhism help us practice solidarity and understand isolation. Solidarity makes us understand the needs of the human body.

It helps us make the right decisions taking into regard to our diet is inclined with it. Religion also tells us what is right for our bodies and what is not.

Relationship between spirituality and health

The role of spirituality in health is, once you’ve attained spirituality, it is not hard for you to understand that health comes as a gift from God.

When someone is close to God, he tends to grow closer to nature. Nature helps us identify that fruits and vegetables are the best meal one can have.

I guess I don’t need to discuss the benefits of having a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables. We all have been told from the start of our lives that we get the most nutrition from fresh fruits.

Therefore, it is best to exercise, meditate and have a balanced diet. Also, when you’re practicing a balanced diet, you’re far away from bad habits like smoking and drinking.


From the understanding of the current notion, we can deduce that one should be close to God and try to meditate as much as he can. Meditation is important and so is a balanced diet.

The healthier you are, the better your body functions. This does not only have a positive effect on your physical health, but it also aids in mental health.

You feel calmer and when you meditate, it is proven by science that you reduce depression and social anxiety by 60%. Hence, you should practice religion and spirituality if you’re suffering from pain or social pressure!

How To Practice Spirituality Without Religion? Here is the starting point!

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