Science Says: Intelligent People Tend to Have More Commitment Issues!

Have you ever wondered what makes you different from everyone else? Intelligence, face, name, ID and several distinct features help us identify people from one and another.

Let’s talk about “intelligence” per say, how do we judge or assessment one’s ability to overrule others. Intelligence is that one unique human trait which is not different from many others like you. Let’s just say, there are many people who walk on earth with the same thinking patterns as you and same judgement as you have.

This is the reason why we find similar people to us attractive and have easier time bonding with them rather than someone who is below your mental grasp or above.

Due to recent findings and research, scientist came near to another mind boggling quest that intelligent people tend to have more commitment issues.

So you’re more loyal if you’re dumb? Being loyal is dumb now? For intelligent and smart people you might be a fanatic person following fairy tales which can bring them no good (well that is what they tell themselves).

They settle for something so easily (they’re always seeking assurance which leads them to become suspicious about many things)

Yes! If you have an above average intelligence, according to psychology you are quite resilient about your life. Accepting change can be easy for you in the start but soon as the charm has worn off, you like the things they were the way before.

You don’t find ease or peace with the changes your partner is bringing to your life. Something as little as the bed-sheet color can tick you off. You like your own space and are more fond of yourself, you think people with a low IQ can’t survive as long as you can (which is completely out of the blue btw).

They prioritize their career more than anything else (results in a dull social life)

When it comes to career and future planning, intelligent people have their visions set around 5-10 years ahead. Which results in them being more devoted to their jobs and careers that they overlook the circumstances which huddle in between.

For such people, work is always prioritized more than relationships. They intend to have an ongoing flow with love but their preferences make them dull and boring. Yes, lad! She doesn’t want to hear about the stock market or the new technology your company is investing in. she wants you to take her out and have fun with her, that is all.

When you are a career oriented person, your life revolves around your work, which results in a poor social life. When you are always worried about the future, you forget to live in the moment. Hence, your diverted attention is not on your partner, and love only asks for undivided attention.

You will often see a sight of perfectionism is intelligent people (perfection does exist for intelligent people, they have ways of reasoning that but they also know perfection takes time and they don’t seem to be in a hurry)

They listen to the mind and not to the blood pumping sounds of the heart

Mind over heart is what smart and wise people tell you to do, but how many of us follow this believe? To be honest, not many of us follow this. We act like we do, we tell people we always take decisions from our minds but usually it’s the heart doing all the thinking for us.

For smart and intelligent people this is not the case. They analyse a situation and do what they think is the best(which might not be the best but you know stubbornness). Every smart person thinks that they are right and can never be wrong.

They think they are doing the best they can in a relationship whereas they never are. They never prioritize their partners needs or requests. They think that life is good the way they live it, they never wear others’ shoes and see different perspectives. This destroys a relationship.

They always overthink stuff which might not even exist and fight over small things. Overthinking is a disease. They always find reasons to be spawned upon. Intelligent people tend to have more trust issues since they always need double assurance about literally everything.

They sometimes over analyze situations (dealing with an issue is different from searching to pick out an issue)

Overthinking is a disease, a disease which has disastrous outcomes. Intelligent people tend to doubt everything, hence the trust rate is quite low for them. They make scenarios in their brain and fit to them. Whatever they think, they believe to be true.

Trust is the key to any successful relationship. If there is no trust, only doubt, relationship is bound to be destroyed in a matter of time. So it is important for us to build trust overtime, intelligent people tend to trust less and pay more attention to facts and figures.

Not everyone can understand the world they live in

It is normal to not believe in fairy-tales and stories Grandma told us, intelligent people are either pessimist or realist. They believe in what they and not what it told. They tend to be less cheesy. They try to hide their feelings more than we think they do. Anyone with a sharp mind, tries to bind themselves from within, making others believe that they like it that way.

Well the truth is, not everyone creates a world of their own. To have a successful relationship you have to share your world with your partner. Believe in what they believe in, share habits and let them share yours.

Being in love is one of the most beautiful things this world has to offer, don’t spoil your relationships with assumptions and doubt. Only weak men fail at love, the best of us love to the fullest.

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