Scientists Discover A Multidimensional Universe INSIDE Our Brain

There are things in the world, that are certain, for example, the sun always rises from the east, water boils at 100 degrees Celsius and does not matter how much you will pray, Monday always comes after Sunday. But some other things are not so factual. These things include aliens, ghosts, dragons and alternative universes.

Talking about the last, the alternative universes, there has been a discovery. Namely, scientists believe that there are actually 11 of them and all stacked in our brain in a multi-dimensional Rubik’s Cube.

How were the alternative universes discovered?

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That is kind of a difficult part. The scientists used the Maths Methods of Algebraic Topology, in which they could “map” structures and spaces inside the networks that are being operated inside a human brain.

These networks are necessary for neurons to pass information. Did you know that there are 86 billion neurons in a human brain? That’s crazy. They all pass information from cell to cell. Without this information, we would not be able to think, talk or do anything.

It is pretty hard to put your head around the idea of 83 billion neurons changing information but think of it as a huge network of virtually endless branches of a tree. This tree creates the multidimensional universes that were discovered recently.

The research was part of the Blue Brain Project, which included a lot of international scientists. This was the first time in history when actual structures were pinpointed using the Algebraic Topology method.

The research was published in the Journal Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, where the scientists explained thoroughly, how they observed the movements of information across neural cells and how they made models of it on some complicated computer systems.

While the scientists were observing the neurons’ movement, they discovered that structures were created, when the information passed between the neural cells. These structures were created by an interlace of geometrical shapes.

The director of Blue Brain Project, Henry Markram, is especially happy about these finding. He says that they have found a whole new world, nobody knew existed before. They have discovered 7-11 individual dimensions in the networks in a single human brain.

To make it easier, every neuron can give information to the neurons next to it. When it passes information, it forms an object that is traceable through computer models and Maths. The more neurons there are passing information, the more dimensions will show up.

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The research did not end there. After using computer models, the scientists analyzed the real human brain tissues to verify their findings. They also discovered that various stimuli could make these information exchanges between neurons create even more and more dimensions, depending on the stimulus.

What is the craziest thing about it? Your own brain dictates what sort of dimensions and shapes will show up inside your brain. It is different and individual for every human being. 

So the next time anyone tries to bring you down and say that there is no such thing as the alternative universe, you can prove them wrong by telling them about this study. Science is truly a magnificent thing, because it is an ongoing process of learning and discovering new things about the world, we did not know before.

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