Scientists Find Our Brains Maybe Directly Linked to Light, Helping Us Gain More Consciousness

Several recent studies have shown that there is a definite connection to our level of consciousness and light, which brings whole new meaning to the term “enlightened.” However, as you’ll see, these studies turned up some incredible findings that could have more profound, spiritual implications.

The Bystander Phenomenon

This study was done by scientists to learn more about what’s known as the bystander phenomenon as it relates to radiology. Something that has been observed before is that when some cells were treated with radiation, other nearby cells showed signs that they, too, had been affected by radiation.

To test how far this phenomenon reaches, researchers radiated one rat, then put it with another rat that had not received any radiation. As it turned out, the rat that had not been emitted soon showed signs that it had been, proving that this bystander phenomenon reaches beyond cells in one body.


The result of the study was that scientists believe that neurons in the brain and rest of the body produce something they’re calling biophotons. These are photons that are actually on the visible spectrum, between violet and near-infrared which is between 1,300 and 200 nanometers.

This means that there’s a good chance that our brains communicate through light, both within our bodies and with others around us without realizing it. What scientists found is that in rat brains, one biophoton per neuron per minute is being transmitted, but in human minds, it’s estimated that over a billion biophotons are being transmitted every second.

Consciousness and Light

The fact that there may be a connection with greater consciousness and a higher number of biophotons being transmitted has led many to wonder if there is truth to the idea that people that have achieved higher levels of consciousness are truly “enlightened,” and producing more light than other people.

There are some ancient religions and texts that portray enlightened individuals as having a halo or shining circle of light around their heads. These sacred individuals have been seen in Ancient Greece and Rome and the teachings of Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. It was said that they operated at a higher level of consciousness than normal people.

It stands to reason, then, that if these people had more consciousness than others, that they would also be producing more light through biophotons, although it’s not known how earlier peoples were able to make this connection between consciousness and light. But, since the word “light” appears in the word “enlightened,” it’s clear that they knew something about biophotons long before science.

The Body and the Spirit

Something that scientists are not considering too closely is the implication that our spirit and consciousness are not entirely contained in our physical bodies. After all, the light that is produced can leave our bodies and be picked up by others. This is further explained by quantum entanglement, a phenomenon in which two entangled protons will react the same way even if they’re far away from each other.

One thing that is seen with quantum entanglement is that when one proton is observed, it’s in a particular state. Then, when the other one is observed, it is also in the same state. It’s possible that the very act of observing them is what causes the second one to take on the same state of the first because the biophotons in our consciousness are communicating with it without our knowledge.

Although it’s impossible to draw definite conclusions about any of this just yet, there are indeed exciting things happening in the scientific community that could have some very spiritual implications about how our consciousness works and even what makes us conscious.

About The Author: Originally from Michigan, Melody now enjoys working as a freelance writer from her home in Nicaragua, which she shares with her amazing husband and their crazy cat that was raised on goat’s milk from the time her mother abandoned her at just ten days old. They’re excited to be expecting their first baby, who they thought was a girl, were told was a boy, and then was told was a girl. She also recently finished her first novel and is working on making a cat coloring book.

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