Scientists Prove Your Eye Color Reveals Your True Personality – Here Is What Yours Say!

When you look deep into the eyes of a person, you may learn more about them then you realized was ever possible.

Despite sounding clichéd, the expression “the eyes are windows to the soul” might actually have some scientific evidence to back it up.

In Sweden, at Orebro University, 428 subjects were compared in order to see if the color of their irises matched their personality traits. The tests focused on patterns found within the crypts (threads that stretch out from the pupil) and furrows created when the eyes dilate.

All of these pieces come together to show that, surprisingly, your eyes play a large part in shaping your frontal lobe, which is the part of the brain that influences personality.

One of the most interesting discoveries stated that “those with densely packed crypts are more warmhearted, tender, trusting, and likely to sympathize with others. In comparison, those with more contraction furrows were more neurotic, impulsive and likely to give way to cravings” – Source

These differences are due to genetics and each eye color has different patterns of crypts and furrows. So, the question is; does your eye color really reveal your personality?

Brown/Black Eyes

Those with eyes this deep and alluring are natural leaders, born to help others on their path of life. With an agreeable disposition and a playful nature, people are drawn to you. Both athletic and smart, you have a tendency to stay away from mind numbing practices such as drinking alcohol. If you can find your inner strength, the world is right at your fingertips.

Blue Eyes

The light color of your eyes tends to give people cause to find you as weak or timid; but this is not the case. You have an inner strength that is difficult for others to see. You are able to handle great stress, and while your sensitive soul is subject to hurt feelings, you have the ability to push away the feelings of anxiety and depression with fiery passion. With a sharp mind and inquisitive nature, nothing can stand in your way.

Gray Eyes

With this dim blue color, gray eyes are extremely rare. You are a very well balanced person; however, your innermost self is sometimes hard to control. Because of that struggle, barriers have been erected and you make others work extremely hard to get past them. This defensive nature is something that can be overcome, and once people get to know you they see your genuine kindness and love for others that helps to balance out your need to be alone.

Hazel Eyes

Another rare shade, hazel eyes tend to call more attention to those who bear them than any other eye color. You are an independent soul with a confidence that allows you to be spontaneous and fun loving. Due to such spontaneity, your personality can be a little more difficult to figure out. But that’s no problem! Those who truly love you will work hard to understand you, and those who don’t know you yet will truly long to achieve your approval.

Green Eyes

The most alluring and mysterious eye color, those with green eyes know how to use their gift of sex appeal. You are often unpredictable, but anger isn’t a trait you tend to lean towards. Creativity is one of your largest talents and while you definitely dislike stress, you perform best under pressure. People all over love to be friends with a green eyed soul, due to their appealing nature.


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