What You See First in This Image Identifies Your Hidden Inner-Self

identify yourself

There’s always more to life than the eye can see, but what catches your attention first is the most important to identify yourself. It can also reveal a lot about your mind and the way it works, bringing light to things you never knew about yourself.

View the image and identify the first thing you see.

Then, refer to the headings to observe what it says about your personality.


The tree forms at the heart of the image and plenty of people will be drawn to that.

It suggests that you search for sensical meaning to life. You have a logical approach, which means you follow your head and not your heart. This can be useful career-wise and for making informed life decisions, but it can seal you off emotionally, whether you mean to do so or not. It can also limit your expectations – you strive for what you believe is achievable, not for what you truly want.

This means you’ll never hit higher than you plan to without expanding your horizons.

You don’t like to take risks in life, but this may be another factor holding you back. Spontaneity opens doors you wouldn’t even imagine, so there’s a lot to miss when you keep those doors closed.

Your leadership skills lead others to do amazing things, but there’s no one there to guide you. You must learn to be your guide to greatness, and step out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

Don’t be afraid to fall – getting back up is all part of life, and to fall doesn’t mean to fail.


If this is the first thing you saw, you have some self-esteem issues.

You’re continually belittling yourself, and you put a lot of pressure on yourself to do well. You feel a need for constant advancement, and when you fail to progress, you’re hard on yourself for it.

However, you keep yourself busy even when you’re meant to be taking time for yourself. You’re always open to learning – it’s a form of progression, after all. Your mind takes you to corners unexplored by the collective consciousness, and you have a sense of understanding that plenty fails to grasp.

This can be an advantage, but you have to be careful not to fall into the trap of becoming full of yourself. No one likes a show-off, and even if you know your knowledge is superior, flaunting that isn’t growing.

You should also attempt to take into consideration other thought paths, as sometimes a question may have two answers. You’re not often wrong, but that doesn’t mean others can’t be right, even if their opinions differ.


If the lion caught your eye, you’re a wild soul unwilling to be tamed.

You act on impulse, stripping back from complicated thoughts to give way to instinct. This can lead to you living for fun and excitement, but you can often get people hurt along the way by accident and you can then identify yourself and your personality.

You can’t be caged, and sometimes your claws strike where they shouldn’t. However, you’re a good person deep down, and you just need a little more focus, though you do tend to spend your energy on bigger ambitions.

You need to succeed, and you never abandon a job half done, even if it’s painful for you to continue.

Your wildness can be a hindrance and a blessing. 

You don’t like to follow the crowd, and you only follow your advice, whether it’s good or bad. You know that others could guide you on to the right path, but you’re happy to make mistakes as long as they’re made in your way.

However, accepting help now and then wouldn’t weaken you – it would make you stronger.


The fish is hiding in plain sight, and that perfectly sums up your hidden personality. You may blend into life, but it doesn’t mean you’re not living it to the full. By seeing the fish first in the picture you identify yourself as a loving person.

You’re filled with a love of life and nature, and you try to feel the same about people, even though they tend to be complicated. You’re a people person, and you try to treat everyone with love and understanding because you know that what you give, you get back.

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