Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Signs of a Healthy Relationship

How do you define a healthy relationship and give meaning to something? Different people have different ideologies when it comes to relationships. As soon as your relationship reaches a point where you have to give meaning to your relationship and decide if you want to spend your life when them or not.

Sometimes love can be toxic when a person is not giving their best in them. Sometimes a relationship is healthy, but how can we tell if a relationship is healthy or not?

There is no need to stress out and get worried over something that might not be true. Many people become skeptical about their relationships in 3 months or so. Before you start having doubts, it is best to acknowledge your relation and need to understand what the person means to you. If your relationship is working out great and is the cause of your peace, then it is something you should hold on to. 

What is a healthy relationship like?

You are as comfortable with your partner as a fish in a sea

Being able to be comforted by your partner is one of the most soothing feelings in this world. If you partner makes you feel at home and you feel or think of them as your safe space, then you’re at the right place. If you feel like sharing each and everything with them, no matter how personal the thing is, you’re in a healthy relationship.

Comfort differs from people to people, for some it might be able to share jokes which their friends can understand, for some it might be understanding of other persons like and dislikes.

However, if the person feels like home to you and he/she understands you, keep them close. 

Trust between you two is not something you think twice about

Trust is the most vital element of any relationship, consider it as the foundation of your love. Everything that will happen in your relationship, will somehow be connected to your trust in that person and how much that person trusts you. It is not difficult to trust the right person when he/she comes along.

If you feel like you trust the person to the utmost level of trust then you’re lucky. Trust encourages trust to develop and to be felt trusted is a very beautiful feeling. If you know that your partner trusts you and is not toxic about your choices, never let them go. 

You both know when your partner could need space

Sometimes it is important to understand your partner without them asking you to do something for them. Not all things are said out loud, some things are to be understood and acted upon willingly without asking the other person for it. If you see something bothering your partner, it is essential that you understand their need of the time.

Some people like to be surrounded by people when they’re sad and some like to be alone. You need to understand how and when to give space to your partner. Nagging your partner all the time is not necessary, if you love them, they know it, no need to shower them with love every minute. 

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And you understand the meaning of needing space

I don’t understand why people think that you should only give space to a person when he or she is in pain or just had a huge fight. Giving space to your partner means to understand that if they have a night shift, they need to go. Giving space means to not disturb your partner while they’re working or busy with something. To let the other person do what they want with their time is maturity and healthy couples help each other to grow. 

You both do not keep holding on to the past

You know you’re in a healthy relationship when you look down the road and your past seems blurry. All the people you used to date, they seem dull and the spark with your current partner is greater than them all. This is love happening to you, this is a new beginning. Living in the past is toxic for you, the past will haunt you and if you keep thinking of your past it’s only going to make things worse for your current relationship. The insecurities and all the trust issues you had in your past will destroy something beautiful. So it’s best that you are not holding up to your past. 

You argue but still get along as good as best friends do

It is okay if your partner thinks Robin was meant to end with Barney and you think that Ted was the best choice for her. You guys argue on several different topics and still don’t mind their beliefs. It is maturity to understand that every human has their own beliefs and opinions, and we need to respect them for that. Being friends is important, so joke around with your partner and cherish all your happiness with her/him. 

You have all the support to offer to your partner

Isn’t it just beautiful when someone tells you that they support you and you should just win it? Being supported by your partner is love in the most original form. If he/she supports all your endeavors and give you the energy to deal with stress and emotional trauma, don’t let them go. If your partner supports every decision you take and motivates you to give your best, then you’ve found your gem!

You make sure your partner knows that they are loved

Love to the fullest and laugh to the happiest! This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard in my entire life. If you feel loved by your partner, you’re one lucky person. Love works as a give and take of feelings. You feel loved by everything your partner does, it is your responsibility to make sure that you partner feels loved too. Which is quite simple, few soothing words and a movie could make them feel loved. You just need to know what they like to hear and what they expect from you. 

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