9 Signs They Only See You as “Just Friends”

As much as we all want, not all of us can end up like Monica and Chandler. How amazing would it be to marry your best friend who has known you for years? No trust issues, no secrets, and third-party involvement, a relationship we ladies dream about.

Although many people do end up with their best friends, you should look out for these signs he only sees you as a friend before he starts blaring “FRIENDS by Anne-Marie” on his speakers in your backyard. Also, it’s better to have a best friend for life than a relationship that is doomed to fail from the start.

If you’re testing the waters with your best friend or wondering if you’ll ever make it out of his just friends’ list, here are a few signs that he should not exhibit. In short, how to tell if someone sees you as a friend?

1. Doesn’t Feel Jealous or Possessive:

Bragging about guys you’ve met for the first time in front of your guy best friend? Guilty as charged. Somewhere during the friendship, girls do go overboard with talking about guys they’ve been with on only one date. If your guy friend doesn’t get curious and instead gets all excited, I’m sorry, my friend, you should try making things work with the ‘so-called’ perfect guy you’ve been talking about.

Guys usually get possessive and jealous when they see potential suitors for their best friend they like. However, this should not be mistaken with the skepticism they show when a new guy enters the picture. It’s because they care for you and don’t want you to get your heartbroken.

Female friends


2. Complementing Ends at Cute:

You send him a picture with a bold Catwoman costume, and he calls you cute. It’s pretty obvious here that’s he not into you. Although guys may lack in the field of complements, they’d never tell the girl they love that she’s cute.

I’m not saying that being cute is terrible; it just means that you’re not the one. The cute complements are usually accompanied by more ‘cute’ acts of affection, like pulling your cheeks or ruffling your hair. Don’t go all dreamy when he does act sweet pushing back a stray strand of hair or wiping a smudge off your face because when a guy calls you friend, he’s probably got a few tricks up his sleeve.

3. Flirts Way Too Freely

You’re not best friends if you don’t flirt with each other. That being said, you’ve got to keep a strict check on your heart before it starts falling for him. Guys that usually flirt nonchalantly and freely don’t see much meaning behind the comments. They know they won’t be judged.

This probably goes both ways. When you’re in love with your best friend, even harmless flirting may make your heart flutter.

4. “No, We’re Not A Couple”

How many times have people commented about your pair? It’s common to be mistaken for a couple when you have a best friend of the opposite gender. It’s all good, and you’re almost blushing when he interrupts with the “No, we’re just friends.”

Guys would generally welcome such a comment or just not bother clarifying if they saw you more than a friend.

5. Sets You Up With His Friends or Somebody Else

This has to be one of the most considerable signs he only sees you as a friend. Guy friends, unlike girls, don’t feel that a committed best friend would mean divided attention. Instead, they even go out of their way to set up casual dates for their friends.

If your best friend leaves you with a guy he introduced to you at a party to “get drinks” or meet up with “the other buddies,” it means he wants you to take the wheel.

6. Very Clear about His Feelings for You

When a guy calls you a friend, he’s going to be straight-up forward with his feelings for you. If he doesn’t beat about the bush or end the topic at a vague comment, he doesn’t see you as a potential girlfriend.

Tradition has it that the guy is mostly on the receiving end of the rejection, so they tread carefully before revealing their feelings. If he says you’re friends, you’re friends. When a guy calls you a friend, you’re a friend.

7. He’s Not Overly Conscious with You

If you tell him to meet up and he turns up in the shirt he’s been wearing for a week; you should know he likes you as a friend. Guys know that girls are particular about looks and appearances, but if he doesn’t make a show of that, it just means he’s way too comfortable with you.

He’s his true self with you and will speak his mind maybe a bit too much. In short, he treats you like he treats his other friends.

8. You’ve been with Him Forever, but He’s Never Made a Move

Has he ever taken you to his bachelor pad? Even if he has, I can bet it’s not the female-friendly bachelor pads you would expect. Instead, you’ll walk into a room with dirty clothes heaped in the corner, beer cans on the coffee table, and the console still connected.

Guys usually go for actions rather than expressed in words when they love you. They’ll either let you in about something extremely personal about themselves or simply prioritizes your needs over his.


9. He’s In a Relationship and Not with You

Need I say more? You don’t need to be a genius to know that when a guy likes his best friend, he’ll never get in a serious relationship with another girl even if he realizes he can’t be with her. There may be a few flings here and there but never anything serious.

But if he talks to you about how much he loves his girlfriend and comes to you for relationship advice and gift suggestions, you may want to lower your hopes.

“Of all pains, the greatest is to love, and love in vain.”

– George Granville

Well, what’s love if there’s no pain? If you’re really into him, make him see it, and maybe he might come around. However, you must know that unrequited love has no one to blame, and it should never affect your friendship because you can live without love but not without a friend that you’ll forever cherish.

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