Simple PickUp Lines That Work Everytime

Are you tired of being shot down each time you approach a girl? Well your time is now. Get ready to learn every best technique in the book, techniques that can get you going with any girl if you play it right.

Caution! These techniques are to be thought through and only be used in adult supervision.

Ever wondered why the line “can I buy you a drink?” doesn’t work for more than a drink? Maybe you say it wrong, or maybe the line doesn’t lead to an exotic ending.

It is not that hard, when you know what you want. You just need to think it through, have confidence in you and bamm, you’re good to go.

Here are some techniques which can help you get the woman of your dreams.

Don’t drink that (wingman required)

Don’t drink that is a subliminal technique that can help you gain trust in no time. First of all, you need to acquire a target. Now, choosing a target is as important as the play you’re going to run. Target acquired? Let’s go overboard amigos!

After you have acquired a target, wait for her to order her drink. As soon as she orders it, it’s play time. Swoop in with your breath catching fire and all you have to do is ask her not to drink the drink. Now she is curious, why shouldn’t she drink? On asking, you simply reply, “I saw some guy slip something into your drink”, this will gain her trust. Showing care is one of the most important things will building a connection with someone.

In-case she ask who did that, your wingman should be somewhere around to claim the blame. Before you know it, she’s into you and you guys can kick off to wonderland!

The airport pick up (acting like you are from out of town)

Is there anything more classier than an international businessman in a foreign looking forward to invest in lucrative business opportunities? I bet you can’t name one. All you have to do is get a suit and suit up, because suits are classy, “exhibit A”. next you to take the weekend off and travel to some place new, finding new people is always a catch for anyone.

Once all the gear is set and done, acquire a target and approach. Ask them where they are heading to and pretend as if you know nothing about the new place. Then ask if they could help you look for certain places and if they could show you around the city, since you’re an international businessman, the rejection rate is quite minimal. Once again, to wonderland you go!

Call an ambulance (open audience required)

Now, this is the far best I’ve ever come across, the best play you will ever run. This might not be as simple as it looks but trust me, this is the most flattering and innovative thing you will ever come across.

For this play you need to be a natural actor. The dialogues and the build up scenario is intense, adult supervision and friends required to make it legendary. You don’t need much gear for this one, just a local bar, or a restaurant with people surrounding you. Target acquired? Let’s hit it!

Walk up to her and start panting, “Oh my god! You need to sit down and relax, oh no. somebody please call an ambulance!” now she is wondering what the crap is up, since she is doing fine. She’ll keep on saying she’s fine and there is nothing wrong with her.

This is when your friends, who are dressed up as paramedics, “she must have an internal bleeding or injury, we need to get her to the hospital”. On which she will answer that she has not, you say “Really? Because I think you just straightly fell down from heaven”. Boom, you’ve flattered her and since the crowd will start chanting “give him your number”, you’re good to go!

He’s not coming

One of the most toughest and creepiest play you will ever run. This requires a lot of thinking, will and stage confidence. You need to find a place where mostly lovers meet, like the Empire State Building, where promises are made and broken.

Approach a girl which seems to be curious and waiting for someone. It is easy to locate such a person since they will be restless and looking at the stairs or the door every five seconds.

Now, with all the probable tension and overwhelming sadness on your face, approach her. And sadly put it down to her, “He’s not coming”, “I’m sorry I tried to do the best to convince but he couldn’t make it, and to be honest you deserve better than him” and before she knows it, she has you to rant about it all. You being you, will comfort her and do everything to get the loving started.


If you ever found the most gullible girl in this world, the SNASA is the best play to run for her. SNASA is easy, you just have to lie to her and never call her back. This play requires you to act as an astronaut and tell her you are from the Secret-NASA, or the SNASA.

Girls like these kind of things, if she asks if you’ve been to a moon, just tell her you’ve been to the s-moon, simply the secret moon which the locals are not aware of. Before you know it, she’s heads over heels into you.

Have you met Ted? (Preferably played alongside your wingman)

The favorite and the massive hit from the series, How I Met Your Mother, the famous game, “Have you met Ted?”. You just need a wingman for this, who helps you play this awesome game. All your bro has to do is, walk up to the girl and introduce you by saying Have you met Ted? And then he storms out of the room, while you take it from there!

Good-luck scoring this weekend bros, it will be legen-wait for it-dary! Legendary!

Daniel Parker

Daniel Parker is a writer, entrepreneur and a father. Daniel takes on digital platforms to write about his feelings and thoughts towards everything he loves. Daniel, currently living in Dallas, Texas and loves outdoor activities with his family.

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