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Simple Things That Help You Relieve Stress and Anxiety Quickly

Relieve stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are way too common for this era. One is always stressed for the events in life and wanted to get rid of it. Especially, the juveniles often experience stress. Here are some of the simple and easy things to relieve your stress and anxiety.


Who doesn’t love eating? The simplest way to get rid of stress and anxiety is to eat. Tea, Chocolates, Carrots, Milk, Fish, Nuts and Yogurt can help relieve your stress because carbohydrates can be the cause of stabilized blood pressure.

The fruits which contain Vitamin C can also be a great source of relieving stress and anxiety as it is a powerful antioxidant. Such fruits include citrus ones like orange, grapefruit, lemon.


Feeling stressed? Write your feelings down. Writing is indeed one of the best and soothing way to reduce anxiety. By writing it down, you will feel relaxed and calm.

The other way to relieve stress by writing is to note down the things that stresses you out and finding a way to avoid it. This will actually really help you to relieve your stress.


The most effective and easy thing to do when anxiety hits you is to sleep. Your pessimism shuts down for the time being and you feel serene.

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No Caffeine

If you found yourself irritated after having a cup of coffee you should reduce your intake. To avoid anxiety and stress you have to say no to coffee, as it contains caffeine which provokes anxiety, stress and activate panic attacks. So, it matters with person to person.


The benefits of exercise can never be denied. Walking and jogging includes monotonous and continuous movement of the body which causes anxiety or stress to calm down. Other physical aerobics such as dancing, swimming, biking is also stress relievers.

Spending time with family and friends

Solitude is a major reason for people to remain stressed. If you are being stressed or having anxiety, spend some time with your loved ones. Family and friends play a vital role in a person’s mental health.

They are indeed the support system of a person. Spending time with them and talking to them will not only help you reduce your anxiety but also lowers your stress and you will feel better than before.


For ages music is considered to be a real mind soother. Soft music always calms your mind and helps to get rid of anxiety. Stressed minds found music very effective in releasing their stress.

The sounds of nature are also very much comforting to those who experience anxiety and stress and it is also considered the meditation music.

Chewing Gum

So, if you are on the verge of stress or anxiety unwrap a chewing gum and start chewing it. Research shows that chewing gum eases stress and help you reduce the anxiety. Its smell and taste will also contribute in releasing anxiety and stress, as studies show.


Yoga is a combination of meditation, physical movement, some exercise and managed breathing. These all things are a great source of relieving stress and anxiety, it also provides many spiritual, psychological and physical benefits.

So, if you want to reduce the anxiety or stress you are having get yourself enrolled in a yoga class or practice it on home by some online means.


The next time you are anxious or feeling stressed laugh your heart out. Different studies show that smiling can help you ease the stress and also reduce your anxiety. Watch a funny and humorous show or hang out with people who makes you laugh.

Play with toys

Try playing with stress relieving toys when you feel stressed or experience anxiety. Research says that when you are stressed or anxious you clench and stress balls are meant to release that feeling as it improves blood pressure and also contributes in the betterment of mental health.


Everyone loves and enjoys good smells and nice fragrances. It has some really nice advantages for the relief of stress and anxiety. It contributes in feeling you calm, serene, energized and vitalized.

Studies show that smelling lavender, sandalwood and rose can have a great impact on your mental peace. It can decrease anxiety and lowers the stress hormones present in your body. So, use candles, room fresheners and diffusers.


To read is one of the best stress relievers and a really good hobby. Read a good book to ease your anxious mind. Stress can also be relieved by reading some magazine or a newspaper.

So, if you really wanted to get rid of your anxiety and stress, follow these easy and basic steps or things and calm your stress down. You will surely feel better and calm.

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