Simplify Your Life with These 7 Cool Life Hacks

Life hacks are becoming a very popular trend on the internet. There are countless videos that offer us some fantastic real life hacks that will leave us wondering how we ever made it without them in the first place.  Being able to save a little bit of time by doing something simple is always a benefit for anyone. The best part about simple life hacks is that if you find that they actually work. I researched a couple of websites recently and found these cool life hacks that will simplify anyone’s life. Take a look.

1. Best of the elevator real life hacks

There is nothing worse than being late for work or from lunch and having to wait for everyone to get on the elevator at every floor. You can actually bypass this with one of the best and simple life hacks. All you need to do is press and hold the close door button before the doors close then simply press and hold your floor button and release once the elevator starts moving. This will make sure you don’t stop at any of the other floors.

2. One of the best wrinkle real life hacks

If your t shirts are wrinkled and you really don’t have the time to iron them or perhaps you just don’t enjoy ironing there is a great solution that will change your life forever. As one of the most simple life hacks you can add ice cubes to a t shirt in the dryer and voila! All wrinkles will be a thing of the past.

3. Less chewy pizza with the best of cool life hacks


Pizza tends to be rather chewy after being placed in the microwave to warm up. There is a great tip amongst some real life hacks and that is to put a glass of water with your delicious slices in the microwave. Your pizza will not be chewy and it will taste as good as it did when you first ordered it.

3. The charging solution of simple life hacks


If you are in desperate need of your phone or tablet but you have no charge left it is sometimes frustrating to deal with the waiting period that is involved with charging. One of the best real life hacks suggest that you set your phone to airplane mode and it will charge much faster. This works great!

4. No banged up fingers with one of the best cool life hacks


This was incredibly useful and one of the best cool life hacks. If you need to put hammer to nail you can simply use a clothespin on the nail and you will be more accurate with your DIY project. You will also enjoy the fact that you will not hit your finger with the hammer.

5. Smart Phone entertainment cool life hacks


Sometimes speaker systems for your Smart Phone can be rather pricey. One of the best real life hacks is to use two paper cups and a paper towel inner. Simply cut a space out of the paper towel inner that is big enough to hold your phone and then cut holes in the paper cups that can hold the paper towel inner. Place your phone in the makeshift entertainment system which will give you fantastic sound.

6. Never lose track of your possessions with one of the top simple life hacks


Our friends are very important to us but let’s be honest it is sometimes hard to keep track of items that we lend to them. I have lost many DVD’s and CD’s over the years. Taking a picture of your friend with the item that you lend will eliminate the inconvenience of having to remember who you lent your items to. You can also remind them by doing this. This is one of the best simple life hacks.

7. No more hair in the sink, one of the best real life hacks


In my home there is always an argument after my guy has had a shave. The sink is normally filled with his discarded beard. To avoid this I use one of the best cool life hacks. I simply place a newspaper in the sink. No more hair arguments.

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