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9 Ideas That Will Make You Feel Amazing on Valentine’s Day, If You Are Single!

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is for lovers, but that doesn’t mean us singles should be left out of all the fun.

Just because we don’t have a partner to spoil us this year, doesn’t mean we should sit around being bummed out. It just means that we need to take the initiative to treat ourselves to some fun for the day!

It seems like we never take enough time to relax, so what could be more beneficial than spoiling yourself for once? Check out this list of fun Valentine’s activities for singles and make some plans that will give yourself the boost you need.

1. Spa-Day!

Take a bit of time from your day to pamper yourself! Getting a massage will take care of all your tense muscles and seems to melt all your worries away. Or perhaps you’re in dire need of a facial, new hair-do or a mani-pedi.

You might even have the funds and time available to take a trip to a wellness retreat. Some also have day programs, if you don’t have a whole week to spare.

Just pick your favorite way to unwind and remember to make an appointment, because spas fill up quickly on Valentine’s Day with single ladies.

2. Take an Exercise Class

Yoga seems to be my answer to everything these days, but that’s only because it has indeed helped me to center, focus and relax.

There might even be some Yoga for Singles classes in your area that could be fun on Valentine’s Day.

However, if yoga isn’t your thing, there are a variety of other exciting classes available like spin, aerobics, dancercise, and Pilates.

Also, many gyms have drop-in rates which makes it easy to participate in their courses without taking on a full membership until you decide it’s in your best interest or budget.

3. Buy Yourself Some Sexy Lingerie

Putting on some satin and lace can improve your mood and remind yourself of just how sexy you are! Admit it, when you wear a smoking hot bra and panties set under your clothes, it’s a real confidence booster.

We always feel more daring and playful when there’s a sexy little secret hidden beneath work clothes. So, go out and treat yourself to some hot new attire.

4. Girls Night Out!

Gather up your single friends and make a dinner reservation to someplace you’ve all been wanting to try.

After a couple of glasses of wine, delicious food and excellent conversation with your besties, you all might realize that you’ve had the best Valentine’s Day ever, without even having a significant other!

5. Girls Night In!

Instead of going out invite your single friends to your place and have snacks, order heart-shaped pizzas to be delivered, make some cocktails and watch some funny movies or play some board games.

You can even theme it to be a pajama party where everyone shows up in their favorite pj’s if you want to make it a little extra excitement.

6. Buy Yourself a Present

Have you had your eye on a new purse but haven’t bought it yet? Well, consider it a Valentine’s present to yourself.

After all, you’re not buying anything for a partner this year. That makeup or perfume that’s practically been calling your name would make an excellent Valentine’s treat too (wink, wink).

7. Adopt a New Best Friend

Have you been thinking about bringing a new furry family member home? A cute dog or kitty would be a perfect Valentine.

They’ve also mastered the art of true love which means they’ll love you forever, unconditionally (which is more than most of us can say about our exes).

So, if you’ve been thinking about adopting, visit your local Humane Society, there are lots of furry friends just waiting for someone like you.

8. Buy Yourself Some delicious chocolate

None of us would ever snub our nose at a chocolate bar, but sometimes on holidays, it’s nice to indulge a little and go for the good stuff.

Godiva, Ghirardelli, or those yummy Ferrero Rocher I can’t stop eating are all excellent choices that can be found at local supermarkets. Or you can go all out and order something fancy from this list of 13 most expensive chocolates.

9. At Home Spa

Maybe you would just like to relax in the quiet sanctuary of your own home. Pick up a bath bomb, a facial mask, and some sugar scrub and give yourself the royal treatment.

Light some candles, turn on your favorite music and have a glass of wine to sip on. It doesn’t get too much better than that.

After trying some of the fun things on this list, you’re likely to realize that being single can be just as much fun, as being in a couple on Valentine’s Day.

It’s all about perspective, and you must remember, that you need to learn to love yourself before you can truly like someone else. So, take time to treat yourselves with compassion and love.

Let us know in the comments if you’re going to try any of these ideas, or maybe you have some of your own that we haven’t shared here. We’d love to hear about them!

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