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Single Parent Benefits: The Bright Side of Being Raised by A Single Parent!

Benefits of being raised by a single parent
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As a child who grew up with a single parent I had to sometimes deal with the frustration of an absent dad but most times experienced the single parent benefits.

It was tiring to explain why mom always attended all the award ceremonies and sport gatherings however I learnt a lot about life and problem solving, thanks to my upbringing. Today I realize that there are many advantages of being raised by a single parent benefits.

My mom worked at the local railway offices as an admin clerk, she still managed to purchase a cozy little home for us and provided us with everything we needed. When asked today if I ever felt a void in my life for having a single parent benefits, I would have to say no.

Here are just a few benefits of single parent worth mentioning.

Independence stems from and is part of single parent benefits

I had to learn from a very young age to help my mom around the house, to do errands and sometimes stand in when a helping hand was required.  At the age of 21 I was self sufficient and stayed in my own little studio apartment.

I was forced to learn at an early age in life to make my own lunch and tidy up after myself because mom had to work long hours and wasn’t always available or at my beck and call is one of the single parent benefits.

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My best friend moved into her own apartment at 22 and didn’t even go near her kitchen for the first month; she didn’t even know how to boil an egg. She mentioned that having a single parent was a blessing and I realized how lucky I was for the knowledge and experience I had gained from my wonderful mother.

Having a single parent allows a variety of moms and dads to help out, related or not

Growing up in a single parent home I was able to bond with other adults and various friends, uncles, aunts and other family members were always there to help out with for example, a difficult project or anything that required a particular skill mom didn’t have.

Needless to say all those extra birthday gifts was one of the greatest single parent benefits. I clearly remember that our next door neighbor was like a second mother to me and I could always knock on her door if any help was required and mom couldn’t assist at that moment.

benefits of single parent

Understanding the value of money, a benefit of being raised by a single parent

We were a middle class family, in other words I cannot really say that I ever wanted for anything. I wasn’t spoiled but had everything I needed. My mom, the single parent and an example to me and my sister allowed us to have holiday jobs when we reached the age of sixteen which in turn enabled us to save money for the luxury items we wanted like a double deck cassette recorder and so on was also single parent benefits

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I believe that one of the biggest benefits of being raised by a single parent is learning to not live wasteful and to work hard for everything that you acquire which makes you appreciate every item so much more. I still follow the envelope system that my mom used to use.

All expenses have allocated envelopes and the money does not get used for anything else.

Raised and molded to mom’s exact specification, her single parent benefits

Mom always said as a single parent she was able to raise us with the same moral standards that she portrayed. Be it traditional, conventional or more new age as a single parent you would have the advantage in implementing your standards in your child, something that sometimes proves to be quite challenging when two parents are involved.

I am hard working and loyal and I believe these qualities are some of the wonderful advantages of being raised by a single parent. These are only a few perks and make it obvious that single parents shouldn’t be frowned upon but rather respected.

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