Having A Soulmate Doesn’t Mean You’ve Found Someone Forever, Here Is Why

Most people consider the idea of a soulmate as forever. They’re someone that if you finally meet you’re meant to spend the rest of your life. So what happens if you and your soulmate can’t be together?

What if you meet someone who you feel deeply emotionally tied to and inspired by, but you can’t make things work in a relationship.

Does that mean they are no longer your soulmate, or they never were?

A soulmate is someone you have an instant and deep connection with and who you are drawn to as soon as you meet.

This doesn’t mean that a soulmate has to stay in your life forever though and this thought is a difficult one to deal with. If you meet someone, especially a partner, that you feel deeply attached to realizing your life might be better off without them, can be hard to deal with.

People will put up with quite a bit for someone they see as “the one”.

Multiple break ups, upsetting arguments and falling out can become common for a couple, who may not be working anymore, but can’t let go of each other.

A deep love like this can be hard to let go of and it’s hard to admit your soulmate might not be the best person for you to be with in life.

People have a belief they will be with their soulmate regardless of what happens between them, so only walk away only after they have finally admitted defeat.

No-one has a duty to stay in a relationship or save it and in these types of situations, you have to consider what is right for you as an individual.

The idea of a soulmate is usually mixed with that there is one single person out in the world that you can find everlasting happiness with.

This hunt for “the one” can make it even harder for someone to end a bad relationship, because they believe they are throwing away their one chance at love.

But in life people can have multiple soulmates and just because you have a deep connection with an ex-partner, doesn’t mean you won’t find it with someone else.

Soulmates can come into your life in many forms and for different periods of time.

You can strike up a deep and instant bond with a friend, lover, colleague, teacher, and partner, but drift apart due to circumstance.

Perhaps they help you through a tough period in your life or a particular problem and it can be strange to realize, years later, someone you could be so close to isn’t in your life anymore.

There is never such thing as distance when it comes to someone you feel a deep connection to. When you do meet a soulmate it’s usually a connection for life, even if they aren’t always in it day-to-day.

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