Renowned Spiritual Guru Explains The One Thing That Is Destroying Your SEX LIFE

Sex is a natural act.

The thrive to have sex depends on many different matters. For example, your sex drive decreases when you are tired, stressed, depressed or feeling other negative emotions. Sex drive usually goes up, when you are feeling confident, happy, sexy, safe and loved.

You can use different elements to turn yourself or your partner on. For example, music, candlelight, porn or foreplay. But sometimes even these do not help. There is one habit, that we all do frequently, that actually damages our sex drive badly.

According to a spiritual guru, Osho one needs to stop fantasizing about sex, because it kills the sex drive.

He explains that the dreams and fantasies are always better than the real thing because there are no limitations nor boundaries. Real sex is nothing like the imaginative one and that is disappointing to our minds.

Thinking and dreaming about sex makes your expectations about your partner and the act very high and in real life, the expectations are not met, which is a total turn off for you. When you think about it, no real person nor situation can fulfill the fantasy or the dream.

Spiritual guru Osho also says that the problem is in the porn industry and magazines because these as well create the illusion of girls, who have enormous boobs, slim waists and no hair on their body. These girls are also willing to do anything to please a man. This idea of sexual intercourse is far from the real world and real women.

The problem is especially with younger boys, who have their first contact with sex through magazines and movies. They start to expect something surreal and when they finally do have an intercourse, it is not what they had imagined at all.

Osho emphasizes that we need to take sex as it is. It is not perfect, but it is human. When you have sex without any expectations or fantasies, you can never be disappointed. Real sex is very pure and beautiful. The energy shared between two persons is magical and necessary to function well. Osho thinks that people are too obsessed with the idea of sex and sexuality.

He suggests that we take sex as it is and stop thinking about it so much. Only then can we be truly satisfied and truly pleased with our partner. Of course, there is no harm in exploring the fantasies together with your partner and having some fun in the bedroom. It is important to remember to keep it realistic – only then can you both take the most out of it.

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