Start with Loving Yourself

you need to know how to love yourself first

You struggle when you are not at peace with yourself and there is no other way to state that. Why should you need a nicer way to face that fact in the first place? Not being at peace with yourself is in no way anything that should be considered lightly. A lot of us struggle with the way we are leading our lives and most of it is usually being caused by our lack of knowledge about ourselves only. 

One would not know how much they are close to their true self unless they make an effort to actually find out and when has it ever been harmful to find out who you are? When you do decide to unleash your true self, always start with loving yourself. 

By loving yourself, you can very well find out what you truly enjoy. You also get to find out about the needs which you thought you never had and that is where you realize the importance of loving yourself

Do not ignore it when your mind asks for something

Have you ever wondered how many times we ignore our needs? If only we start counting the times we undervalue our own needs, we might already be making a lot of progress in loving ourselves. We usually spend so much time fulfilling everyone else’s requirements but why do we step away when it is our own mind requiring something?

Sometimes all it requires is a little peace and many times we are unable to provide it with any sort of peace. We must start asking ourselves why we do this to ourselves? Of all the things, why do we choose ourselves for this torture when we know that only we can listen to and fulfill our own needs, no one else would. 

Create some time for yourself in the mornings

There is no hidden meaning behind waking up early in the morning, it is the fact that you woke up at an unusual hour for yourself, for your peace. Think about how we show care towards our loved ones? A mother wakes up for her kids early in the morning to get them ready for school, why? So that the kids can peacefully get ready for school without having to handle so many things by themselves. Just like that, it is essential for us to make an unusual effort for our soul too.

Save loving thoughts for yourself

The world is not really a sweet place for a lot of us. It already has a lot of negative thoughts to surround us with then shouldn’t we avoid contributing in that negativity? If you are not getting the acknowledgment and love by others for who you truly are then you can at least give yourself that love. Give yourself loving thoughts, it is your duty to do so.  

Build your actions through kindness

There is a unique kind of happiness within our acts of kindness. Many people give different theories regarding why we feel good after having been kind to others. It could very well be because being kind revives our soul. It could also be because as humans, we have an ulterior responsibility of looking out for each other, so when we do an act of kindness, it brings us closer to our ulterior motive and that motive could also define who we truly are. 

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Spend your time doing the little things you love

Get yourself a nice meal, go for a walk, paint something even if it nothing too out of the world, give yourself a pep talk, go buy yourself a new outfit; the point is that the world is filled with  countless of such little activities, all you have to do is find out the ones which pleases you.   

Get closer to nature

There is a much deeper connection between us humans and nature, much deeper than we know. That connection has a special feel to it because it can’t be made visible to you and neither can it be stated through facts, but it is much deeper because it can be felt. Have you ever seen how you were able to feel the warmth of the rising sun? How you could feel the wind passing through you and not just by you, how you could sense a bird chirping and just know that there is meaning behind that chirping?

You were able to feel all of that because humans and nature are nothing different, we are from nature and nature is from us. 

Keep check of your body

Everyday, examine the discomforts that you are feeling in different parts of your body, compare the usual functioning with your current functioning and recognize the difference. Answer to the calls of your own body, build a closer and deeper connection with your body. Start feeling comfortable about your body, it is essential for your own well-being, not anyone else’s and that is exactly why others can get away with not caring about your feelings. Your well-being is not essential to others but it should be to you.  

Begin to appreciate your own company

There is a huge power behind enjoying your own company, it lets you have all the fun and all the peace without needing another person to make the best of your time. There is so much that you get to find out about yourself when you give yourself some alone time. This power gives you a feeling of independence because if you do not appreciate your own company, how do you expect others to appreciate it too? 

Find your peace spot

We all have that one spot where we go whenever we need some time away from the harsh realities of the world. Some of us have already found that spot, some of us haven’t and some of us have more than just one spot. It is not necessary for you to bear everything in its face, you can always choose to take a time-out for yourself. 

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