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Staying Single for Large Gaps is More Beneficial For You

Everybody has reached the point where they wanted to take a break from dating for a while, and it’s no surprise since a bad relationship can do a lot of emotional damage. In fact, according to one poll of Millennials, 64% of them reported being single.

This proves that despite the stigma against being single, there are more young people that are not in relationships than those that are.

Here are some of the reasons experts say that taking a break from relationships or remaining single can be beneficial:

Save Time

There is a massive amount of time that people invest in relationships. For some people, this time gets invested long before they find out if things are going to work out with that person because they get caught up in the thrill of a new relationship. When a relationship is working, then that also requires a significant time investment as well.

For people that are taking a break from relationships, it’s essential that they spend the extra time they have wisely. The best way to spend that time is to focus on themselves since for most people, self-care goes out the window during a relationship. Other great uses of the extra time could be put into furthering their careers, focusing on hobbies, or building up friendships.

Evaluate Needs and Wants

Another benefit to taking a break from dating is that it allows people to take time to evaluate what they need and want out of a relationship. The best way to do that is for them to look back on the relationship and figure out what went wrong, what went right, and decide what they should do in the future to ensure that everything goes directly.

Everybody has different things that they need in a relationship, but when people fall in love before they evaluate the other person, it’s easy to end up not getting what they need out of that relationship. There are also things that people want in another person, and knowing these will help them make better decisions in future relationships.

Save Money

Although for many people this is the least of their concerns when facing a heartbreak, the truth is that dating is expensive, especially for men in traditional relationships where the man pays for everything when the couple goes out. However, since many relationships today are equal than in the past, both men and women will typically save money by being single.


As mentioned before, self-care is not something that is a priority for most people while in a relationship. This is because most people focus on the other person, and tend not to do the things they enjoy or properly take care of themselves emotionally. Although this may seem good for the relationship, in the long run, it’s bad for both parties.

Taking care of oneself is vital, and it happens a lot more when a person is outside of a relationship since they feel like they’re able to take care of themselves. For this reason, taking a break from a relationship can be very beneficial for a person who tends to focus solely on the other person in their relationship since it gives them the chance to meet their own needs.

All in all, there are some benefits for taking a break from relationships, so those who choose to do so shouldn’t feel bad about purposely taking time to focus on themselves and their self-development. Likewise, those who aren’t in a relationship but would like to be should see this time as a chance to improve themselves to be ready when a relationship does come their way.

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Women Prefer Being Single More Than Men And For All The Right Reasons

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