Stress Management Techniques at Work

Stress management techniques at work

Stress can be really hard to manage and work with. Stress can drain down all your energy and make you look like a pissed off child who just wants candy and can’t have them because mommy said no.

Well don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect recipe to make sure you stay away from stress and work better in the real world.

Before I start rambling on with information, it is important for you to understand yourself. Be sure of yourself, figure out the patterns of your stress. Is your wife the reason for your stress?

Well mine is, if yours isn’t, you’re one lucky fellow. Anyways, stress is not sexist and can happen to anyone. It can happen to pregnant women and do more damage than you think. Stress is now proven to be a key factor of miscarriage. For men it can damage most of their work. 

Knowing yourself first is better, to inspect the elements which enrage stress in you. Is it your financial issues?

Your health?

No reason at all?

Are you tensed about saving for your kids?

It can be any kind of stuff that can tick you off. So first ask yourself these questions and see where you stand in this battle. 

What is stress?

Many people confuse stress with depression and anger issues. Depression and anger issues are very different from stress. Stress is the overwhelming tense force that drives your brain insane with thoughts. It makes you worry about all kinds of stuff and results in you being unable to perform.

Stressful life can be dangerous, it can cause weight loss, hair loss, mental illnesses, depression, anxiety, disorder and diabetes. Yes, stress is one of the main causes of diabetes. You can check out these signs that suggest you might have diabetes.

In other words, stress is your body resisting any kind of mental, physical or emotional change. Whenever something new drives your way, your brain tends to resist such change. You try your best and force your brain to let it go.

This strain and tense feeling is known as stress. We’ve all experienced stress once or twice in our lifetime. Whether it be for exams or our college loans, stress is quite relatable. 

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What is the cause of this stress? Know yourself

This is something you will have to do on your own. To help you, let me share an experience of mine with you. When I was 23 and thinking of joining a law school, I had to take a student loan which extended for 5 years. In order to pay the loan I decided to take a job at the subway.

Unfortunately, they have to let me go after three months, which resulted in unemployment of two consecutive months. Two consecutive month means installments not being paid, this made me full of stress and due to this I was unable to perform at school and other lively activities.

People relate to stress differently, if you’re a working person, you can be stressed out by the amount of work you have to do weekly or daily. Being in the corporate world and working day and night can bring out the worst side of you.

This can lead to weak relationships and anger management issues. As I said before that stress causes anger issues which can complicate your life to a whole new level.

For a student, stress can be caused by not being able to cope up with all the subjects and courses. Students can be stressed about their relationships or failing courses. Anything that disrupts your daily life can cause stress, you just have to point out the ones that tick you off the most. 

How to handle stress at work?

Managing stress at work is not that easy and not that hard. Who likes to work with charts and images like Marshall Eriksen?

Make your work playful and introduce some fun with your work. Now, I’m not suggesting that you try jokes in a courtroom, however, let things go and not let them hover at your head.

Things which don’t interest you or don’t pay you well can stress you out. For example, if you have to go through tons and tons of paperwork at the office and you still don’t get paid well, of course something is wrong with your job.

Try changing your career, do something that you love or enjoy. If it’s making cartoons or writing, give it a shot, trust me you will not regret it.

Try to divide your work into sections and try to complete small chunks of it in a short period of time. This will make you work effectively and efficiently. Don’t take a lot and don’t try to be a big shot.

Don’t procrastinate work, this will result in more work towards the end of your week or month and you will kill yourself with stress. Procrastinated work results in a deadly weekend and tensed thoughts of work. Check out these 5 most powerful tips to prevent procrastination. Following these Stress management techniques at work will surely help.

Is stress going to have an impact on your performance?

Yes, it is going to affect your weekly and monthly stats. It will corner you at the office. People will think of you as the guy who is always late and grumpy because of the work he is given. Stress will result in you being up late at night working, which will result in you being late for work. It is best to control stress and let go of the things which annoy you the most.

Stress not only affects your work life, it has a huge impact on your personal and private life. A person who has his/her attention diverted is good to no one. You won’t be able to listen and comprehend the problems of your loved ones.

You won’t be able to give them the love and affection required to keep the flame burning. Keep your work life and personal life separate. Don’t mix them both, they never go along with each other.

The less stress you have, the less problems you create for yourself. So before being mad at someone, think that they go through the same thing as you do. Let it go! 

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