You Only Take Two Paths in Life; According to Your Sun Sign

When you were born has a dominant force over your life and developing an understanding of your Sun sign can help you understand how to become the most authentic and alive version of yourself.

Your Sun sign, indicated by your birth date, gives a personal understanding of their place in the world and the role they can play in it during their life. Unlike the moon position, which is indicative of our natural reactions and emotional temperament, it can take a lifetime to truly embody your Sun sign as you develop and grow as a person.

Characteristics and personality traits directly linked to your Sun sign can help you become the truest version of yourself, and it is only when we live out these core beliefs and ideas that we can succeed in life.

Many people misunderstand the meaning of their Sun sign and are unwilling to embrace the characteristics linked to it. But if we don’t attempt to live out these traits and instead try to deny them, there is a risk of becoming the negative version of your sign.

While every path is different, everyone can benefit from a better understanding of the characteristics attached to their Sun sign and what happens to them when they attempt to ignore or suppress it.

1. Aries

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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so it’s no surprise they’re the leaders of the pack, born to break new ground and push boundaries in life. Getting things done and sorting out issues and problems is where Aries thrive and if there is an issue they can get behind and you won’t find a fiercer advocate.

If they’re not engaged in this type of activity or mentality, Aries can become idle, work-shy and lethargic and become overly reliant on other people to run their lives. This isn’t where they thrive, and as a result, their go-getting nature suffers, and they will refuse to take a leading role in their life. They become a supporting character in their own lives, afraid of going it alone and instead opt to remain in the shadow of others.

2. Libra

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Libra shines when it’s playing peacemaker, mediator, and planner. They were born to bring diplomacy to stressful situations, offer objectivity and resolve disputes and can make decisions based on reason, unclouded by emotions.

When they’re not able to do this, the Libran can become a hot-headed troublemaker, guilty of disruptive behavior and cause problems, so that they can have conflict to resolve. A provocateur, they turn into intolerant and divisive individuals who can even be guilty of keeping people separated, just to ensure they maintain their position and power.

3. Taurus

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Sturdy and steady, Taureans are born to be the “rock” that others cling to and lean on in times of despair. They revel in the position as that dependable and reliable person in life, thriving most when they can demonstrate their faithfulness and commitment.

In it for the long haul, they build solid foundations in all areas of their life that will last a lifetime and amass material wealth that will keep them sustained throughout their lives. A sensualist, the Taurean will be at its best when enjoying the pleasures in life and forming deep connections with others. When they’re at their worst though, they can use their innate power and the dependency of others to manipulate and wield control. Even using attachments against those who rely on them until they get what they want.

This can manifest in an obsesses ion with situations and people that they hold no influence over and cause them to form attachments and attempt to control those they shouldn’t.

4. Scorpio

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Scorpios are life’s investigators and thrive when trying to uncover the mysteries of life, explore human nature and discover the deeper meaning of existence. The biggest discovery a Scorpio can make though is within itself, and when they shy away from this self-exploration, they can become intolerant, snide and disparaging of others, quick to identify faults and put people down.

Unwilling to step out their comfort zone can lead them to become materialistic, focusing instead on material wealth and possessions rather than finding meaning in life.

5. Gemini

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Gemini is gifted as great communicators with an inherent ability to spot and understand patterns in life and articulate their meaning. They are at their best when establishing connections between people and ideas and are proficient in drawing from different philosophies to create their thought system.

When at their worst this ability to gather information can become a source of snobbery and a superiority complex. Coming across as a “know-it-all” with an arrogant attitude, they can begin to view themselves as having a path above their station.

6. Sagittarius

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The natural explorer, Sagittarians have a natural thirst for knowledge and life that means they are constantly learning about themselves and the world around them. They press to answer those big questions others would shy away from and with a natural enthusiasm, can spark the interest of those they meet. Their searching minds are open to all kind of philosophies and ideas that they approach without judgment.

At their worst, they can be guilty of focusing on more superficial and trivial matters or become too focused on fact and evidence leading them to, to fail to understand the real meaning. A tendency to become hypocritical, they can lose their integrity with hubris behavior and will not hesitate to take advantage of others.

7. Cancer

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The romantic Cancer is naturally pensive and thoughtful and with these attributes is gifted in helping others become their most authentic self. Wise beyond their years, they revel in guiding loved ones through life’s tribulations and struggles and helping them to cope and come to terms with anything they may encounter on their journey.

When at their worst the Cancerian can become resentful and jealous of the achievements of others while lamenting their struggle to succeed. With an inbuilt desire for position, they will doctor their past and heritage to aid their social climbing, even cutting out elements that would work against them succeeding.

8. Capricorn

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A Capricorn is born to work hard and feels most exhilarated when working towards their future goals. Happy to endure the struggle and maintain discipline in the effort to achieve a position of respect and authority within life. They may well be tested on this journey but will flourish when challenged to work within a rigid set of rules and succeed without sacrificing their exemplary moral beliefs and principles intact.

At their worst, they can lose sight of what’s important and become too drive in the attainment of their end goal. Fears that they will never be rewarded with the success they deserve, Capricorns can become guilty of self-pity.

9. Leo

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Leo is born to realize and revel in the power of their individuality. Their personality and character transcend influence from their family or environment, with Leo having the ability to be their unique self. Their journey of self-discovery becomes essential to discovering their creativity allowing them to flourish into their most potent self.

In their opposite sign, Leo can become narcissistic, guilty of relying on their audience for approval and the attention they crave, becoming jealous when someone else has their moment in the spotlight.

10. Aquarius

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Aquarius’ life role is to provide an original and clear view on issues such as justice and social responsibility. While they may begin as a people pleaser, their path will eventually lead them to a point where they can embrace their authority and view their unique characteristics as the strongest element of their personality.

They may struggle to realize that people are equal regardless of their life skills and so can tend to become egocentric and treat some people more equal than others. When they are in their opposite sign, they can be guilty of feeling superior to their peers and get frustrated at not being recognized for their talents.

11. Virgo

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A born craftsman, Virgo is a skilled specialist whose power can be found in their ability to get down to business. Analytical to a fault, they can focus on what’s most important and essential to create order within their life and create something positive within the world.

Virgo relishes a challenge, but their main struggle is to maintain a proper balance the body, mind, and spirit. Their worst version comes when they are unproductive and as a result can become wasteful, chaotic and ignore the more mundane chores of life. Without a focus, they can appear to wander through life and take a fatalistic view of life.

12. Pisces

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The selfless and compassionate Pisces was born to offer help and empathy to others. Blessed with a giving and unselfish spirit, they are deeply connected to the world around them and can offer others guidance in understanding the suffering of others and how you can offer help.

Their journey is a spiritual one, and when they aren’t following this path, a Piscean can become destructive and hit out at the beliefs of others and critical of those who attempt to unravel the mystery of life. At times their selflessness works against them, causing them to feel undervalued. In their opposite sign, they can become overly obsessed with small and inconsequential matters and become distracted by everyday rituals.

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