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Understanding the 7 Chakras for Beginners! [Free]

The Beginner’s Ultimate Guide to Chakras
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This is a beginners chakras book guide, so let’s start with the basics.

Learning about chakras for beginners common question starts with “What are Chakras” and “What are the 7 Chakras for Beginners”?  Yogis and spiritual practitioners define chakras as centers of energy in the body.  In a healthy body, they are free flowing.

However, in a sick body, the chakras are blocked from flowing.  The disrupted flow causes illness because chakras are believed to help the body function.  It supports the organs, immune system, and even our mental health.

The 7 chakras for beginners can be hard to understand, but we can break it down into the 7 chakras for beginners, balancing chakras for beginners, clearing chakras for beginners and opening chakras for beginners so you have an understanding chakras for beginners.

The Seven Chakras for Beginners

Now that you understand what a chakra is and what it does, you have to learn the 7 chakras for beginners: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown and what each of them symbolize.  Once you know that, you’re on your way to healing and better understanding chakras for beginners.

1. Opening Chakras for Beginners: Root Chakra

root chakra:

The root chakra is opening chakras for beginners which represents safety and grounding.  It’s what yogis and spiritual practitioners refer to as your “right to live.”  This chakra is embodied by the color red.  The root chakra helps your body move with ease, so any type of lower back pain or immune disorders is a sign that the energy from the root chakra is blocked.

Foods and spices, such as beets and hot paprika, can help alleviate the symptoms of the blocked root chakra and is the first of the 7 chakras for beginners.

2. Unblocing Chakras for Beginners: Sacral Chakra

sacral chakra

This next chakra symbolizes emotions, creativity, and sexuality and is represented by the color orange for unblocking chakras for beginners.  When your sacral chakra is blocked you might experience symptoms such as reproductive issues or urinary problems.  In order to nourish, your sacral chakra you need to consume lots of fruits and nuts for unblocking chakras for beginners.

It’s important to note that a healthy diet will promote free flowing clearing chakras for beginners.

3. Unblocking Chakras for Beginners: Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra is yellow and controls your will power and social attitude on unblocking chakras for beginners.  Your emotional life is on the balance when your solar plexus chakra is not flowing properly.  To ease your emotions and help the chakra flow better or when you wonder how to open chakras for beginners, eat yellow foods such as yellow bell pepper, cheese, and ginger.  Spices such as turmeric and cumin also help the chakra heal.

4. How to open Chakras for Beginners: Heart Chakra

heart chakra

Much like its name suggests, the heart chakra represents the compassion and love you feel towards yourself, the world, and other people is it is how to open chakras for beginners.  This chakra is symbolized by the color green.  When your heart chakra is blocked you may experience upper respiratory issues or heart problems.

An easy way to unblocking chakras for beginners, Heart chakra, is by eating green foods such as kale, spinach, and broccoli.

5. How to Balance Chakras for Beginners: Throat Chakra

throat chakra

The throat chakra is turquoise and symbolizes your personal reflections, expressions, and ethics.  When your throat chakra is flowing freely, you’ll find it easy to communicate with others and express yourself in an appropriate fashion.  How to balance chakras for beginners is when your throat chakra is blocked, you can lose your voice, have a sore throat, and even have swollen glands so you need to unblocking chakras for beginners.

To treat these symptoms and heal your throat chakra, you can consume soups, juices, and fruits for clearing chakras for beginners.

6. Balancing Chakras for Beginners: Third Eye Chakra

These last two chakras connect you with the bigger picture.  The third eye chakra is indigo.  This balancing chakras for beginners controls your intuition and helps you find spiritual inspiration.  When your third eye chakra is blocked you can exhibit serious symptoms such as blindness, strokes, seizures. So take care of it by eating blueberries, blackberries, and other indigo colored foods.

7. Crown Chakra for clearing chakras for beginners

crown chakra

Crown Chakra helps with wisdom and transcendence.  It’s represented by the color purple.  In other words, this last chakra helps you learn about the world and your place in it.  Spiritual practitioners see this chakra as their connection to God and its necessary on how to open your chakras for beginners.

When the crown chakra is not flowing properly, you can experience depression, pain in your muscles, and aches in your bones.  In order to nourish, your crown chakra and prevent those symptoms, you should detox your body of negative energy and unhealthy foods.  When you’re healthy, your chakras are healthy too and you know on how to open your chakras for beginners.

The Basics to Healing is Balancing chakras for beginners

Healing your chakras involves balancing chakras for beginners and opening chakras for beginners.  In order to balancing your chakras for beginners, you have to understand the energy quality each chakra brings and the frequency that each chakra releases energy.

A popular technique for healing chakras is Reiki.  This technique came from Japan and found by MikaoUsui, a Buddhist monk.  The Reiki technique builds on the Seika tanden, a center for energy located below your navel.Tandens are another term for chakras.  So the Reiki method works by targeting various emotional symptoms and treating them on the associated body part.

Other methods of healing your chakra include: meditation, yoga, specific diets, healing stones, and scent therapy.  Both meditation and yoga help clear your mind, focus on your breathing, ground you, and lets your mind reflect.  All these things help you assess your body, pinpoint various blocked chakras, and treat your ailments accordingly.

Spiritual practitioners have also found that certain foods and spices aid in chakra healing.  For example, red foods such as potatoes and red meat can help heal the root chakra and is also included in the 7 chakras for beginners.  Oranges, mangoes, and strawberries can help your sacral chakra to develop and flow more freely.  Each chakra is associated with a different color.  Generally when you eat a food in a similar color as a chakra you’re trying to heal then you’re nourishing that chakra too.

Another form of chakra healing is scent therapy.  Scents, such as rose or peppermint, can keep clearing chakras for beginners aligned and help the energy centers to flow more freely.  For example, rose scents can help with bringing up the mood and relieving stress, so your heart chakra can flow more freely.  Peppermint helps cool down your solar plexus chakra when it gets too hot, so you can balancing chakras for beginners.

The 12-Chakra System

Now that you have the basic  7 chakras for beginners system down and know how to heal them.  It’s time to expand your knowledge to the 12-chakra system.  Chakras 8-12 are an expansion of the third eye and crown chakras.  They focus on the spirit outside of the body and its relation to the universe which is also available on books on chakras for beginners.

8. Time Transcendence and Connection to Spirit for opening chakras for beginners

Time Transcendence and Connection to Spirit

Within this chakra, you visit other universal realms and communicate with spiritual guides for opening chakras for beginners.

9. Balancing Chakras for Beginners: Seat of the Soul

Seat of the Soul

In this chakra, you find your true purpose and distinguish a path to your true destiny which will be helpful in balancing chakras for beginners book.

10. Earth Connection for Clearing chakras for beginners

Earth Connection chakra

This chakra is an extension of the root chakra.  It connects you to the earth and is believed to play a role in DNA and bone-related health issues for understanding chakras for beginners book.

11. How to open chakras for Beginners: Mind over Matter

Mind over Matter chakra

Unlike the others, this chakra is completely out of the body.  According to spiritual practitioners, you can only access this chakra with your hands and feet.  The mind over matter chakra is similar to an aura because this chakra is an energy field that radiates from your body to the supernatural realm.  This chakra is particularly useful for reminding us how powerful the mind is and how to open chakras for beginners book.

12. Universal Unity: Learning about chakras for beginners

Universal Unity chakra

The last chakra, universal unity for learning about chakras for beginners book, connects us to the universe’s greater scheme.  Through this chakra, we learn how we’re all connected and why we’re on this universe at all so its important learning about chakras for beginners book.

Healing for these chakras are the same as the 7 chakras for beginners book.  So continue your practice and let your chakras flow freely.  When your chakras are aligned and flowing freely then your body and mind will be healthy.

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