The Benefits Of Practicing Mindfulness Meditation

practicing benefits of mindfulness

Mainly, mindfulness implies the maintenance of one’s thoughts, emotions, thinking, current circumstances, and our environment. The maintenance of thoughts basically means to adjust according to the present feelings.

Mindfulness meditation insinuates the practice of tuning mind in the present moment. In Simple terms, it means to focus on what is going on now and forget past and future and act according to the current scenario.

As a result, several benefits of mindfulness meditation can be observed. The meditation involves imagination training, body relaxation, and several breathing exercises.

The history of Meditation is as old as the evident history of the world. Many revealed and non-revealed religions showcase the benefits of mindfulness meditation. For instance, Guttam Budha got salvation due to meditation and reached the landmark of spirituality.

Similarly, various Islamic Sufi saints are of the prescribe mindfulness meditation to their pupils, so they get to know themselves and the purpose of their birth in the materialistic world.

The teachers spiritual one asserts that the meditation can heal the soul and body along with putting the light on the abyss of darkness that one confronts in life.

Mindfulness meditation is the key that opens locked doors which hampers the progress and holds a person back from doing certain tasks in life.

You can check this beginners guide of meditation.

How to practice mindfulness meditation

Many books are written on the above-mentioned subjects; many videos on internet coupled with several articles, exhibits the way of meditating, but we are gonna describe the ways which are easy lucid and clear and would help you train your mind for the mindfulness meditation.

  • Locate a quiet and serene place then sit comfortably on a chair or floor_ floor is a better choice_ make sure your backbone is straight but relax and not rigid.
  • As cleanliness is next to godliness, hence, the place where you are gonna practice meditation should be neat and clean.
  • Focus: try to maintain a focus from murky past and blurry future just focus your thoughts on the present and nothing else.
  • Pay your attention to your breath. Feel the air going inside your lungs and how it is going out when you exhale. Focus on how your lungs are absorbing the oxygen and how you are exhaling the carbon dioxide. Become aware of your nostrils and how breathing is creating change in your body.
  •  Observe every thought that crosses your mind. A thought can be worrisome, anxious, joyous or fearful. You have to remain calm; respire to tackle all the unwanted thoughts while focusing on the present.
  • You may feel yourself getting away from focusing on the present, as many thoughts may strike your mind. Just try to focus again without hesitating and going along with random thoughts. Relax and keep trying.
  • Remember, it may seem hard but it is not, you get the benefits of mindfulness once you maintain your focus.
  • When you finish the meditation and breathing, slowly come back to where you are and take time for atoning yourself.

Besides, if you find that it is difficult for you and you could not maintain your focus, you may consult any meditation center or a good book or article to have the control. You can also check out these powerful mindfulness practices.

Benefits of mindfulness meditation:

Mindfulness ameliorates your overall self. 

Mindfulness leads to complacency. Mindfulness practice makes it simple to relish small things in your life. It empowers you to fight with hard times. Most importantly, you can deal with your worries as your focus would be shifted to present only.

Have a better and improved physical health.

A study suggests those who meditate are healthier than those who do not. Mindfulness involves various relaxing and breathing exercises that would control blood pressure, improve heart and create better sleep with a good stomach.

It embellishes your mental health.

According to psychologists, meditation is one of the best ways to tackle depression in various mental diseases that include chronic anxiety and many phobias. The mindfulness meditation trains your mind to fight all the negative thoughts; thus leading you to have a positive and healthy mindset.

It makes you stronger.

When you focus on now, the fear of future goes away.  Practicing mindfulness meditation teaches you how to remain strong in adverse scenarios and tackle all the rough and hard moments in life. It makes you quite intuitive and mentally balanced, which help in rooting out any worse before it occurs.

You may become so strong that you may not fear anything except doing wrong to others.

It makes you a true human being.

Mindfulness meditation teaches us how to behave with others. It teaches how to be kind; how to help people in need and how to remain generous. It prevents one from falling prey to any worldly or greedy desire that may have adverse repercussions.

Moreover, mindfulness make you know your true spirit of having a birth and teaches you how to spread blessings; hence making you a true human being.

You would feel confident and brave.

According to a sage, ” confidence is the key that can unlock any door of success.” when you start practicing mindfulness meditation, you realize that you are becoming more confident, your fears and thoughts that were holding you back are getting away.

The power of this mediation can aggrandize your chances of success by giving you confidence and courage.

Happiness 24/7.

Ever thought of being happy at 24 hours and a full week? This is quite possible, the ability to live in present due to mindfulness meditation makes you feel happy and positive all the time.

Once you mastered the meditation you will get to know that there is no worry but it’s your mind that makes them and you will be able to fight all the odds and feel happy and vibrant all the time.

In a nutshell, Mindfulness meditation is more than magic, it can change your life holistically and make you the best version of yourself that you have never ever thought.

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