The ultimate guide to Tinder 2019!

Everyone in their early twenties are going through relationship crisis, falling in and out of love become a routine. You see a pretty girl, you talk to her and bamm, before you know it, you guys are killing each other and breaking up.

What happens when you have tried to get along with every single person in your friend circle and no one is left to carry your burdens. Well in such scenarios, dating apps and dating websites come in handy. One of the most famous and most used app nowadays is Tinder.

Tinder has changed the entire course of online dating, it is better than meeting someone at any other forum since you both know that what you’re doing on Tinder and if you don’t then I just feel really sad for you.

Now, Tinder has many different features, liking a person, super liking a person and other cool stuff. The most intriguing part is how you look on Tinder, how people find you and how well are you portraying yourself.

In marketing classes we have learned how we market a brand or how we sell a product, how do we make a product glamorous to the human eye.Similarly, you need to learn how to market yourself on Tinder, you need to learn to show your A game to the people going through your profile, you need to make them regret if they swiped left.

Here is how tinder actually works, you make your profile, input your bio, say something about yourself, upload some nice pictures and start swiping. To send a like to a person, swipe right, if you don’t like them, just swipe left.

If both of you swiped right, bamm you have a match, a chat box appears and you can have yourself disappointment from there as well in a very unique way.

Don’t you worry, check out the below Tinder guide and maximize your chances of matches.  

Why use Tinder for dating?

Out of all dating apps I think Tinder is the only app which has users from entire the world, so statistics show that every 6th person is using Tinder for dating. The more people using tinder, the most likely you are to get a match.

Choose the best pictures

While choosing your pictures you need be very careful, you shouldn’t be looking too scary or your picture should not portray that you’re ready to crawl your way out of the phone. Keep it decent, on the low note. Your pictures should be decent enough for anyone to right swipe you, but yeah if you look like a predator then I’m sorry if you have no matches.

Also your pictures should show your complete face and yes a portrait with entire you attracts a person more than just your face. Post that picture you took at Madison Square Garden or the Central Park, the place of the picture is as important as you.

Come up with the best info

Your info should be intriguing, it should leave the person in a dilemma making them bound to swipe right. A mystery or something wild. Everyone posts deep quotes by celebrities or politicians. Writing handsome, princess, doll, writer, doctor, money maker, deadly beast or “prettier than your ex” is just cringe worthy and terrifying.

If it were for me, I’d never swipe right to someone who is thinking in such a direction. Rather than describing yourself, come up with something intriguing or interesting about you. For example mentioning traveling in your bio is interesting, or addicted to books, something which is sophisticated enough to make you look like a decent person.

Keep your range close

30-50 miles is the best range. Don’t you dare route for someone from Los Angeles while being in New York, that’s just foolishness. The distance must not be more than 50 miles, you don’t want to be catching trains while chasing after love. The closer the person is, the better your chemistry might be.

Plus there will be many users around your own block so you won’t have to go through the misery of wanting to be with someone from Ohio, until unless they are really hot, then plan a trip and you know the drill.

Don’t aim too high

Stay in your league and don’t keep aiming out of your league, because if a girl is already a doctor and you are still managing college, don’t even bother to swipe right. There are high chances nothing is going to happen there, not every girl is as gullible as Barney’s bimbos.

For girls, if the guy is over 28 and you’re 21, you are not going to be anything more than a one night stand for him and if it’s the other way around, go for it you lucky boy.

Make sure you’re routing for a person which can fit your shoes, or else it is just pointless to even give it a try.

Time is the key

Timing matters a lot, if you have just got a match, do not respond right away. It looks needy, and you don’t want to send bad signals over the internet. At least wait 6 hours before replying but make sure you don’t creep the other person out by being very prompt with your replies. Pick your moments and choose your words wisely.

However, there are always exceptions, if someone wants to start a conversation late at night, you know they are lonely and depressed, so taking a lot of time to reply here would not be recommended, be prompt with your replies and be the right person available at the right time.

Don’t get shot down on your first conversation

Always remember to choose your words wisely and talk about yourself when required. No one likes a brag, they are on tinder for dating, no one cares how much dollars you popping around the weekend. Always start your conversation with a greeting.

Don’t be too into it, act casual, don’t show that you’re desperate for love. Ask what they do for a living and about their interests. One thing you should not ask on tinder is “why do you use tinder?”. This phrase is a mood killer, more like a judgement testament.

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