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People Born Under These Two Zodiac Signs Are The Smartest, Astrologists Say

Each zodiac sign has its strengths and weaknesses.

Each zodiac sign excels more than another at something; an Aries is the boldest character of them all, even rivaling a Leo. But a Leo beats Aries when it comes to charisma. No zodiac sign is without impressive qualities, but which star sign do astrologists claim is the most intelligent.

When it comes to intelligence, Aquarius and Scorpio come out on top. However, their types of intelligence are hard to compare. Aquarius’ are known for the typical type of intelligence – a high IQ, strong analytical skills and puzzle solving abilities. In comparison, Scorpios are more known for their emotional intelligence. In other words, they are more perceptive of other people’s feelings, and they understand social constructs better than most. They are more sensitive to other’s needs, and they tend to make excellent friends.

There are plenty more intelligent star signs, though. Geminis and Libras have both been found to have high levels of intelligence by the Mayo School of Astrology. Again, they both excel in different ways – Geminis are very witty and thoughtful, whereas Libras tend to be more focused on the emotional happiness of the people around them. They’re often held back by stress too, but they possess just as many smarts as anyone.

When it comes to strong emotional intelligence, Cancer and Pisces are best known for their ability to nurse other’s egos and emotions to keep a healthy balance in relationships. The Earth signs, such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, are best known for practical intelligence, and they often have plenty of ambition to push them to their potential. Capricorns in particular display determination to reach their goals, no matter what it takes, which is why they often achieve highly.

Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries all take their element of fire – they thrive off power and strive hard to achieve it. They are happy to take some risks to get them to the places they want to go, and they are strong in leadership roles. Sagittarius’ and Leos, in particular, are strong leaders, due to their charisma and energy. However, a Sagittarius sometimes has the edge in this area because they tend to keep an open mind and embrace change in a way many can’t or won’t.

It’s clear that each star sign comes into its own in many ways, but when it comes to the smartest star signs, Aquarius and Scorpio have the edge.

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About the Author: Hayley Anderton is a Creative Writing graduate from Liverpool. She’s a freelance writer and the self-published novelist of the LGBT YA book, Double Bluff. She doesn’t go anywhere without a notepad and has been writing ever since she can remember. Her other interests include baking, talking about politics and feminism, and snuggling up with her cat. She has dreams of traveling the world with her best friends, and of being a well-known author someday.

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