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9 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman (#4 Will Get You Killed)

Mervin Bourne

When it comes to relationships, there are times when things will be said that may never should have been said.

But lets face it, you’re kind of a dumb guy.

This happens when things become too heated and one of the two in a relationship get so upset that they wouldn’t think before speaking.  If you are married and have a wife or have a girlfriend, here are somethings that you should never say to your wife (no matter how upset you are at her).

No matter how upset your wife is, telling her to calm down is one of the worse things you can do.

Calm Down! Just Relax!

Not only does this tell her that her feelings are incorrect, but it shows her that you do not care about her feelings.

Not to mention the fact that any time you tell a woman to calm down you will have the exact opposite reaction you were expecting.

Image Courtesy: Pexels

You Are Just Like Your Mother!

When you are comparing your wife to her mother, you should only do so in a complimentary fashion. If you are upset at your wife, do not use her mother as ammunition against her. This also kind of goes to show that you don’t like her mother at all, that is why you are comparing her to her mother at her worst. You know what comes next?

Oh!!!! So, you have a problem with my mother too?? What’s next?? 

What Are You Upset About .. Now?

Asking your wife why she is upset or something like “is everything okay?” is actually not a bad thing to do. But to go ahead and say, “what’s wrong with you .. now?”, kind of shows that you think she is upset more than often and you’re kind of sick of it.

Are You On Your Period?

My fingers cringe as I even write about this – this is that pissing off. Being emotional is not a matter of being on one’s period. If we are actually upset, stressed or expressive with our emotions, we don’t need to be on our period for that!

Quit Nagging Me!

Chances are your wife is asking you to do something repeatedly because she needs you to do that. Whether or not she is nagging you, telling her to stop nagging you is not going to accomplish anything other than making her angry. She will feel that she annoys you.

You Are Going To Eat All  Of That?

This is possibly one of the most offensive things you can say to your wife. Whether she eats a little food or a lot of food, asking her why she is eating so much food is never a good idea. Essentially you are calling your wife fat and this is just something that you do not do.

Image Courtesy: SF

You Look Fat

So this one falls along the same line as asking her if she will eat it all, but to flat out tell your woman she looks fat is very hurtful and does nothing but harm your woman.

Now, when your woman flat out asks you if something makes her look fat, there is a way to tell her that the dress does not look good on her without using the words “you look fat”.

Take time to tell her that she should wear something else without actually calling her fat.

My Ex/Mother Does This Better Than You

Under no circumstances should you tell your partner that your ex did something better than she can. Your ex is a part of your past and is not someone that you should bring up and is not someone your wife/girlfriend should be compared to. Instead of comparing her to your ex, take time to praise her for what she is doing.

What Do You Even Do All Day?

If your partner is a stay-at-home mom or wife, she is busy all day. Just because the chores were not done outside the house, you should never belittle the things she is doing by asking what she did all day. Instead of demeaning the things she did accomplish that day, you should work to praise her for the wonderful job she is doing with the children or maintaining the household.

If this doesn’t stop you, we will let you go ahead and say all this to her – rest, well, we don’t have much hope for you.


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