7 Things to Do During Your Pregnancy

things to do during pregnancy

There’s no happiness in the world compared to the happiness of an expecting mother. And if you’ve been there you already know. From missing your first period to the silent prayers as you wait for the pregnancy test with your fingers crossed, each moment is one of excitement and hopefulness.

Even before your baby bump starts to appear you feel the life growing within you and you’re always flabbergasted by the miracles of Nature. What’s more adorable and touching is the fact that in those nine months that life is created so is a mother. With the birth of a child comes the birth of a mother.

Reading all kinds of magazines, literally raiding the internet for all the information possible and reaching out to all the mothers in your contacts? Mothers here are charged as guilty. It’s only natural to feel that peaked parental instincts. Parents especially mothers will go to any lengths finding things to do during pregnancy to get a brilliant child. The stress and anxiety can often get to you not so much helping you with your goal.

What’s more interesting is that there’s a lot more happening in the womb than we know. So let’s get started and make the best of these nine months not only for the baby but for yourself also. Here are a few creative things to do while pregnant.

Pregnant woman

1. Babymoon

The honeymoon is bound to lead to the babymoon. Although life will completely change after the adorable addition, you still need to cherish those moments of love and partnership with your husband. This is the perfect bonding time for both of you. Your husband’s tenderness and support throughout the pregnancy will let you two grow closer.

Moreover, these are your pampering days. Let yourself enjoy in the laps of luxury because in the near future you’re going to be the one pampering a certain other. Rather than letting the inevitable exhaustion and stress get to you, let this get-away prepare you for the not-so-exciting days ahead.

2. Eating healthy

If you’re going about preparing things to do during pregnancy to get a brilliant child and not focusing on your diet, you’re risking a lot. The nutrition for the baby is wholly and solely derived from the mother. Treat yourself to a healthy and balanced diet. Many mothers fret a bit too much about their diet in turn leading to decreased absorption.

Mothers, you should also know that your body is highly prone to diseases you may have not even encountered your entire lives. Diabetes, blood pressure, osteoporosis even Alzheimer’s and cancer – your body can fall victim to these even without a significant family medical history.

Drinking and smoking are definitely activities you can’t do while pregnant. Researches show that the child can face FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) on birth.  However, there are unproven myths about caffeine intake during pregnancy. Expecting mothers are allowed to intake caffeine under the 200 mg mark per day. That accounts for about 12 ounces of coffee. So caffeine is probably your cup of tea but only one that is.

3. Exercise and Yoga

Yes, even pregnancy can be eased by exercise. Exercising is a very wholesome activity. Try making these exercise sessions fun by dragging your hubby into it also. You’ll be amazed to know how much fun and effective yoga can be with your partner.

In addition, stats prove that mothers who spend their pregnancy with healthy movement can have a shorter and easy labor. The yoga ball is much-recommended workout equipment for pregnant women. Be mindful, right now your body is the cradle of life. Working out is known to release cortisol, a hormone that can develop your baby’s brain and intelligence.

Read Couple yoga that you should totally check out.

4. Massages

Back pain, swollen feet, bloated breasts, burdened shoulders – it’s all that comes with your bundle of joy. It is very important for a pregnant mother to release tension from her knotted muscles and tight spots. There are many prenatal massages that take extra care and hit just the right spots to give you a much-needed release.

Also, there are many physiotherapies like reflexology that focus mainly on relaxing the mother in light of medical advancement. This also cures many cases of water retention in your body especially your feet.

5. Listening to music

Did you know your baby can hear you inside the womb? Well, you’re in for a surprise. This is the exact reason why couples are advised to keep arguments and fights at bay. The baby can sense the tension and it can often affect the child’s growth.

Well, now that we know that your baby is all ears why not treat it to a little music. Soothing nature sounds and lively music can light up not only yours but your child’s mood as well. But please be careful not to put on rock-pop music. Music and exercise do go well together so you could probably catch two birds with one stone.

6. Planning

You’ve got a lot of doing for the little arrival. Making space for the baby, cleaning out shelves, installing safety equipment on sockets and gates on stairs. Such a tiny person yet so many formalities. Personally, I believe this is the most amazing part of pregnancy.

You can find so many creative things to do while pregnant. From deciding a name to a nursery makeover and oh the baby shopping. If it’s your first child you’re probably going to go all out and buy everything that is even remotely related to a baby.

7. Supplements

Taking supplements is one of the things to do during pregnancy to get a brilliant child. Many expecting mothers are advised folic acid which decreases the chance of autism by 40%. You can get your share of folic acid from walnuts, flax seeds, spinach, beans, tofu, lentils and morning cereals.

Maintaining your thyroid is a very essential part of pregnancy. The thyroid is a hormone that ensures the proper growth and development of the fetus. Get your thyroid levels checked regularly. Getting an average of 220 mcg of iodine can help maintain your thyroid. This comes from milk, yogurt and iodized salt.

Building an effective relationship with your children starts way before the baby takes its first breath. Start treating your unborn child as a part of your family. Let your husband talk to your bump. Allocate a storytime for your baby and indulge in healthy and effective activities all day. This begins with routine life.

Welcome your baby in a world of mindfulness, compassion and affection. Surround your child with the best that they deserve and take care of.

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