10 Thought Leaders of 2020 You Must Follow For Your Bright Future

Thought Leaders of 2020

1. Christy Wright

Talk about a truly passionate woman and you have Christy Wright. Christy is living the dream, she is a tremendous author. One of the most wanted women in the world, Christy makes sure she gives enough time to family as well.

She is happily married and has two beautiful sons. She loves and adores both of them. She is definitely all women should look up to. She is one of those few people you should look up to while dreaming about your goals. If she can do it, so can!

2. Jon Gordon

Bestselling author and spokesperson, Jon Gordon is definitely someone I’ll be looking up to this year. Not only is Jon a tremendous writer, but he also a very generous person.

Given the current conditions of the world, which is apparently on fire, I guess all we need is a little bit of kindness in all of us!

His book “Stay Positive” is a must-read. If you are stuck with negative thoughts and people around you, you should probably get a copy and get some tips from Jon Gordon himself!

3. Seth Godin

Another author on our list, but the most peculiar one! Seth Godin has achieved so much on his way and his energetic writing style urges us to get out of our beds and do wonders.

Seth has a 30-year experience as a teacher and is well-known as a marketer. He teaches MBA classes and makes sure he inspires them in the most innovative way.

If you want to learn business skills from someone, he is your guy! No doubt, he is one of the bestselling writers in the US with his book “This Is Marketing” which is a must-read.

4. Tim Ferris

Being listed as one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People.” He established himself early in the day. He is one of the most growing under 40 businessmen.

He knows how to manage his life and his blog posts are very insightful and motivating. He is verily someone you should learn business strategies from, as he has never failed as a marketer or entrepreneur.

The economist, Tim Ferris has featured more than 100 media outlets – including The Newyork Times; according to his website. He surely has his live set, to get his advice on life you should listen to his podcast or guest lectures.

5. Tony Robbins

Anthony Jay Robbins is an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist, and a life coach! You can watch his live sessions on his website and view his blogs as well. The reason why I am emphasizing on you watching him is that recently, he has gained a lot of fan following.

He helps people with growing their businesses and trust me he is the best out there. Sometimes it is hard to trust people but he has a certain vibe to him. He has achieved a lot and has a unique approach to life which makes him 10 times more interesting.

6. Jeanne Meister

Founding member of the Future Workplace, an HR Advisory, and Research firm, Jeanne is a role-model for all young business-women out there! Not only is Jeanne Meister famous, but the lady has a separate page on Forbes.

She knows her business well, she is one of the most inspiring women in the world right now. She has a deep insight into the future of businesses in the coming year.

She is verily not someone I’d not keep on my list for thought leaders this 2020. You should follow her on twitter and Instagram to check out her posts and follow her blog as well. Jeanne has a synergy with words, she can give your life some perspective.

7. David Green

David Green is an American entrepreneur and also the founder of Hobby Lobby, a chain of arts and craft stores. The 78-year-old American with a net worth of 7.8 billion US dollar, lays the foundation to self-actualization.

We’ve all heard the story of KFC’s owner who got lucky at 65, but let’s not spoil the surprise and I’ll let you search about David on your own.

David highly believes that if you believe in something and dream to achieve it, the only thing standing between you and your dream is you. Hence, get back to work and show the world what you’re made up of!

8. April Renne

Another profound businesswoman. This is happening guys, the amount of businesswomen has drastically increased the recent years. It is no longer a man’s world, feminism has finally done what it was designed to do.

However, April is one of the most renowned, down-to-earth businesswomen who have achieved a lot at a very young age. She is an influencer with thousands of followers and she knows how to cater to an audience if you know what I mean.

Follow her to learn and view the world from her perspective.

9. Tamara McCleary

Tamara McCleary is the most renowned woman when it comes to digital marketing. She knows digital marketing inside-out. She knows how to create the best demographics and give the best advice to people trying to market their products.

If you’re looking for someone to boost your marketing campaigns, I suggest you follow Tamara McCleary. After Neil Patel, she has a big fan following. If you want to learn SEO, B2B or anything related to digital marketing, you must follow her videos on a daily basis.

10. Nabomita Mazumdar

An Indian businesswoman, who has achieved greatness only by her hard work. Her ted talks are a must-watch, as she shares insights from all over India and has a vivid vision for the betterment of her country.

She was named in the top 100 women achiever award granted to her by the Minister of Women and Child Development.

Nabomita is known for her amazing business insights and her outstanding marketing skills. What she started on a single laptop is now regarded as one of the biggest blog posts in India.

She is verily one of the most inspiring and aspiring women. I don’t know about you but I will follow her for sure!

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