The Toxic Attraction Between An Empath and A Narcissist

One thing that can be said about the narcissist is that they constantly try to seek validation from other people. A lot of people who become narcissistic usually experience painful events during their childhood that eventually lead to their constant need to seek validation.

The empath can be considered the healer. They have the ability to sense if there is any person who is suffering from any type of pain. They take the pain and experience the pain of others. If the empathy does not know what he is doing, he is going to suffer because he will feel the pain again and again as he is unable to protect himself. The empath may form bonds with the narcissist so that he can take away whatever pain the narcissist is experiencing.

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Empaths fail to realize that narcissists are going to take all that they can without giving anything back in return. The can try to seek out the positive energy out of anyone. They use their knowledge on other people as something that they can use in the future.

The empath will always seek to understand others to the point that he will envision himself in the position of another person to see how the whole situation would feel like for him. The empath fails to realize that everyone is different and the stories that are being told may not exactly be honest.

The Vicious Cycle Created By Their Connection

What the narcissist will do is make sure that he will be able to manipulate people. They want to be above all and everyone they know. The empath on the other hand will continue to give love, care and support. The more of these positive things are given, the stronger the narcissist is going to be. The empath will then become converted and will take on a few narcissistic traits because he has started to feel wounded and hurt. The kind of environment that the narcissist creates is long and vicious.

The moment that the narcissist senses that there is a change in the empath, that the empath is wounded, this will be enough for them to keep the person down. The empath will always show that he is unhappy and this will be enough to make the narcissist take more control, more power in order to validate his worth.

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The empath will forget about all things that are related to the positive aspect of life. He will be obsessed with the pain that he is feeling. He will focus on the abuse and the trauma that he is enduring. Instead of trying to break away the connection with the narcissist, he will try his best to become validated which will never happen. The only thing that an empath can do in order to find himself again is to sever the ties with the narcissistic person.

If the empath or anyone would try to communicate with the narcissist, this will not be helpful at all. They do not want to help anyone but themselves. If the narcissist experiences something negative, he will blame it on the empath all over and over again. He will make sure that the empath is feeling the pain and suffer for it.

An empath should understand at this point that the relationship is going nowhere. It is nearly impossible to build a relationship with a narcissist. The empath will feel unsecure and unloved. The empath has the choice to blame the destructive relationship on another person, continue to become the victim or to love himself so he can break away. Finding the courage to get out of the relationship can be hard though and it will take a lot of guts and perseverance to do so.

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It Always Comes Down to Choice

How we decide on the things that we are going to experience in life will always depend on the choices that we make. Same way with the empath who may choose to stay or leave the relationship with the narcissist. An empath, or any other person should not let his self-worth become determined by another person. Empaths should also remember that they cannot fix other people. People can change on their own if they truly want to but other people cannot change them.

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If the empath would learn about the personality of the narcissist early on in the relationship, the easier it will be for the empath to break free because he understands that building a relationship with the empath is not exactly easy. If the empath is already in the relationship, it is never too late to start to break away.

Change for the Narcissist – Almost Impossible

It will be hard for the narcissist to change his ways. Trying to wait that the narcissist will eventually change is not going to happen anytime soon. If the narcissist would finally decide to change, he is the only one who can do it. Do remember that most narcissists are not aware of their behavior and how it affects other people.

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The empath is a person who will try to take away the pain and the troubles that the narcissist is feeling. The more that he gets to know the narcissist while on a relationship, the harder he will find it hard to get out. The narcissist on the other hand will be able to walk away from the relationship once one realizes that he cannot gain control of the empath’s feelings and thoughts anymore.

The empath and the narcissist – their connection is just impossible to maintain and sustain.

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