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5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Be Unfaithful in Relationships

People who are unfaithful in relationships may come in all shapes and sizes but their personalities will also vary as well. While everyone is equally capable of being unfaithful, astrology has a few things to say on the subject as well.

Here are the top 5 people that are most likely to cheat according to their zodiac signs.

1. Cancers – The Emotional Cheater

Someone who is a Cancer will be full of emotions and are pretty committed to all aspects of their lives. However, while they are some of the most loyal beings to their family and friends, in their relationships things can be a bit different. If a Cancer isn’t receiving the same emotional support from their partner as they give to them, infidelity can certainly take over and cause them to cheat.

2. Pisces – Unfaithful Fantasy Turns Into Reality

The world that a Pisces lives in is often filled with fantasy and they love to play with the idea that they can be bad for once. Given their high sex drive and ultimate love for passionate romantic encounters, their fantasizing can easily take the lead and become reality.

The kicker with this sign is that their empathy will pave the way for a ton of guilt, which begins to slowly eat at them. Sadly, fantasizing will again take over in their future endeavors and the cycle will most likely continue.

3. Leo – Royal Cheating Machine

If a Leo isn’t in the spotlight in their relationship, they will definitely let it be known by cheating in order to find the attention they so desperately crave. No one can keep a Leo down and, once they feel trapped and unhappy, they will surely seek out someone new both physically and emotionally to remedy their situation.

When a Leo feels as if they have been left to roam, they will always be able to easily find a new audience in any endeavor, including a romantic one since their inflated ego is sure to be the fuel to their fire.

4. Aquarius – Freedom to Roam

An Aquarius thrives in life by learning and experiencing new things. It’s not surprising that they have a major tendency to stray in monogamous relationships due to those characteristics.

While their emotions will ensure they feel bad about their bad actions, their taste for new things will ultimately win the battle between head and heart. One way to keep an Aquarius from cheating would be to always keep things exciting and make sure to include plenty of new, knowledgeable experiences along the way.

5. Capricorn – Straying Due to Boredom

When a Capricorn is in a relationship with someone who needs and appreciates all of their hard work, they are very unlikely to be unfaithful in relationship. However, if those requirements are in short supply, they will quickly become deterred and become unsatisfied leading them to cheat.

In short, they may be one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac but, given the right circumstances, they are quick to jump into bed with someone else who will appreciate all they have to offer.

When it comes down to it, no matter your sign, anyone can commit or be a victim of an unfaithful partner. These kinds of things happen for a number of reasons whether you are unhappy in your relationship and decide to stray in order to feel better or you just don’t know how to keep it in your pants. Think before you act, no one wants the reputation of being a cheater!

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