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The Man of Your Dreams: Unicorn Man vs. Your Usual Boyfriend

A few days back, I had a pretty interesting conversation with a friend of mine. Even after having so many guy friends, she preferred to stay single. When I inquired why this was the case, she said, “it’s just that nobody seems to be perfect.” Somewhere each guy lacked something “Too introvert, too talkative, too self-centered, too carefree.”

We’re all waiting for the ‘unicorn’ man, just as mystical and awe-striking. From socializing with family and friends to his performance in bed, women want the ideal fit from looks to personality. Who doesn’t?

The term unicorn was coined as a metaphor to idealize men. The mythical and elegant nature of unicorns symbolizes an ideal man’s non-existing and perfect nature that you need to put a ring on. Do unicorn men even exist, and if they do, how to identify a unicorn man?

He’s Respectful towards All Women

A man who treats other people, especially women, with respect and kindness is such a turn on. It’s not like they entertain women interested in them or lead them on; neither do they over-do it. A unicorn man knows how to treat women well, regardless of relation.

Your Opinions Matter

Many relationships spiral to their doom because of the clash in opinions. Women want a man who would listen to her, acknowledge her and keep her thoughts and views in high regard. Also, in matters of mutual relevance, a unicorn man will include you in decision-making not because he is submissive but because he thinks you’re smart.

He’ll Go Out of the Way to Make You Smile.

All women are guilty of subtly dropping hints when they’re upset but never directly confront the misunderstanding. One of the amazing signs of a unicorn man is that you’ll never have to do that. They’re always looking for ways to make your day.

No Dark Past

Name one man in your life who isn’t still sulking over a failed relationship or unrequited love. A Unicorn Man. If it’s not a clash of opinions, it’s definitely an ex that does the job of breaking up your relationship. But if you’re dating a unicorn man, it’s like starting over new. You’ll never have to be on the receiving end of his sorrow or depression.

A Unicorn Man Fights Fair

What’s a relationship without random fights and arguments? Experience has it that women are always right, and if they aren’t, then the men are wrong. But with a unicorn man, you’ll succumb to your own free will. You won’t usually find yourself getting into petty arguments with him, but if you do, he’s probably got a point you can’t deny.

He’ll always be there To Help you achieve Your Dreams

No need to alter your priorities and ambitions after getting into a relationship because a unicorn man will help you get there. Many women walk away from relations because they feel they’re bound and can’t reach their goals. What more could a woman want than a man who’ll walk with her and motivate her all the way?

He’s a Perfect Partner

One of the most evident signs of a unicorn man is his compatibility in all aspects. Be it while cooking or meeting up with your friends’ circle, he’s a born naturally. He’ll be there helping you with household chores and paying all the bills. He’s amazing in the bedroom. A unicorn man is more than just a lover; he’s a life partner.

You’ll Never Have to Ask for His Attention

The perfect man is perfect for a reason. Be it compliments, attention, love, and affection, you’ll get loads of it every day. You’ll always be his center of attention, and you’ll never go without your daily dose of love. They’ll compliment you when you dress up and tell you you’re beautiful when you wake up in the morning.

Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s because it is. Then there’s YOUR boyfriend spending hours in front of his console or forgetting anniversaries. Either he’s out with friends leaving you alone at home or sleeping in too late. He makes up for his slip-ups with just cute faces and a simple ‘I love you.’

What if I told you that unicorn men do exist? And that too he’s your loyal, ever-loving boyfriend? He might not be showering you with affection and gifts. He may be late at dinners. He might fight over a petty issue, but in the end, he’s there like nobody else.

Love isn’t about finding the most morally perfect man, but it’s about overlooking flaws and loving them for their imperfections. You find your unicorn man when you put aside your unrealistic expectations. The societal implication of a unicorn man has set toxic standards. Relationships feel more like a job than a comfort zone for men where they’re busy completing obligations in fear that they don’t lose their girlfriend.

If I had the chance to date a “standard” unicorn man with the above qualities. I might decline. You know why? Because I believe I would be stuck in a reacher-settler crisis. You’ll be so busy being enough and deserving of a unicorn man lest you seem like a reacher because let’s be honest, are you a unicorn woman?

Read How about instead of being the unicorn couple be the power couple.

We’re all waiting around for the perfect life partner, but truth be told, perfection is a notion that has us setting unlikely circumstances. Let’s normalize not stereotyping the relationships and roles of both partners. After all, what’s there to look forward to if you’ve already achieved the ideal lifestyle. So what do you think are signs of a unicorn man? Let us know.

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