Want to Keep your Eyes Healthy? Try These 5 Exercises Daily

Eyes are not only the windows to your souls but also one of our most valuable senses and we need to protect them. There are actually exercises that you can do to make your vision stronger and your eyes healthier. There is even yoga for your eyes! Wondering how to keep your eyes healthy? It is simple, just like you would exercise every other part of your body you can do certain practices daily to ensure your vision stays strong and focused at all times. There are some great and informative websites that give us information on how to practice our eyes and strengthen our vision. Here are a few great exercises you can start doing immediately and the best part is that you can do it anywhere and anytime. Even at work while waiting for the next call to come in.

Blinking for healthy eyes

It is quite possible that we do not realize how long we stare at our TV’s, devices or computers without blinking. It is a simple way to keep our eyes fresh and able to focus for a longer period of time. This exercise is especially necessary for Computer users and gamers. Many eye health tips stipulate that we put a lot of strain on our eyes by not blinking and staring too intently without giving them a break. The exercise is simple, just blink every three to four seconds and then don’t blink for thirty seconds. Repeat the exercise a few times

Wondering how to keep your eyes healthy? Try Palming

This is a great way to relax your eyes and your mind at the same time. Eye health tips include various exercises that release tension and this is by far one of the best ones to do. Relax, close your eyes and then cover them with your hands. Your fingertips should be on your forehead and your palms resting on your cheekbones. This will allow you that bit of darkness and rest for your eyes to refresh and your mind to relax for a few seconds.

Make a figure of eight for healthy eyes

By looking in the shape of a figure of eight you will exercise your eye muscles and increase their flexibility. This is a physical way to specifically target the eye muscles. It is an effortless method that will show improvement after only a couple of times of practice. Eye health tips suggest that you need to imagine a large figure of eight and follow it with your eyes. Go around the figure a couple of times to feel the full effect of the exercise.

Focus near and far if you are wondering how to keep your eyes healthy

This is a fun and a fantastic way to exercise your eyes and your vision capability. It is rather easy to do, you simply need to look at an object close to you for a few seconds and then avert your eyes to an object that is further away. By doing this you will almost experience how your vision adjusts to the distance of the object that is placed further away. People might think you are crazy but this is a fantastic and effective way to ensure you have healthy eyes. It is quite obvious when staring at an ant on the grass everything else around it will lose focus and become blurry. This is your vision at work and just shows us how amazing our bodies actually are and how perfect everything actually works.

Zooming in like a camera for healthy eyes

This is a simple exercise but very effective. Just outstretch your arm in a seated position. Stick out your thumb and focus on it. Bring your thumb closer whilst looking at it all the time. As your thumb comes closer to your face you will notice it getting bigger. In a sense you are zooming in on your thumb and this is a great way to exercise your eyes. Eye health tips suggest that we have to find various creative methods to keep our eyes active, and this is a winner. Doing this exercise will most definitely better your vision.

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