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Have you ever been harassed, abused or been hurt by others words or actions constantly or have been a witness and want to escape the torture?

Let me tell you, you are not alone, more than one out of every five students report being bullied.

This is an issue people, this needs to be addressed and noticed, we need to spread awareness of this other wise so many children might end up fighting with depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties and so much more.

Bullying can occur randomly or regularly. Their academic performance might fall down drastically. Bullying now a days has become one of the most talked about issues with the increase in reports of suicides, rehabs and other mental disorders.

There is an immediate need of coming up with majors to prevent it and cater with bullying at colleges.

Several Types of Bullying

Bullying has several types. A few are listed as follows:

1. Verbal

This makes the student moody, and can be shown by reduced appetite.

2. Physical

This can damage the student emotionally and psychologically. The child might find it hard to focus and concentrate on their daily lives.

3. Social

This involves spreading rumors about others, exclusion from groups etc. the child might start spending time alone.

4. Cyber bullying

With the rise in technology other ways of bullying such as cyber bullying, which is not so common can ruin a child’s life just like that.

Bullying is a massive problem, which not only affects the student’s life but also affects the college’s reputation. The students that are being bullied try not to attend classes and skip college, which definitely affects their grades negatively.

How a Mentally Abused Person usually Behaves

Strategies to Overcome Bullying

There are a few strategies that can be adopted to help avoid students being bullied and try to make colleges a safer place for students because in the long run the child is most likely to be mentally disturbed, and can try taking ones own life.

1. Awareness

Teach students about this issue and what its consequences are, and what the student’s rights are on campus. This can be done through short seminars or presentations arranged and classroom discussions about how bad bullying can get.

The colleges and student bodies can arrange events that highlight these issues like “Bullying Awareness Day” etc.

2. Laws and Policies

The schools and colleges should introduce strict Anti-bullying laws and policies and should try to make sure that they are followed at all places on the campuses, be it the playground, hallways, bathrooms, classrooms, cafeterias, or gym.

Strict laws will ensure that the students know their limits and will be afraid of crossing them. And the students should also be quite well aware of these rules.

3. Supervision

Students should not be left unsupervised anywhere on the campus. This will give them less time to be alone and would reduce the chances of bullying others.

Not being supervised can increase their confidence to bully others. Teachers should keep a strict check on the students.

4. Punishments

Students found bullying others even under the strict laws of anti bullying should be punished in a way that others with a similar intension would not have the nerve to do so.

Leaving them unpunished can lead to an increase in the rate of students being bullied. The parents should also be involved if needed.

Certainly, ignoring this act leads to tragedy, because at the end the child suffers through the lonely feeling of being alone and not supported by their family or the college staff, which are both the first help they can get in any case.

5. Students support Centre

A small department can be made for the support of the students, a place where the students can feel free to come and report their issues and problems if they face any.

And the department should be responsible to clear the issue and to provide a safer learning place for the students. This department should act as an immediate help for the student.

6. Counseling

This can really help the students to express their feelings and the counselor can help the students reshape their mental state. This helps the students to adjust their bullying behaviors.

Different activities like the student can use poems, sketches etc to express how they feel when they get bullied.

Not only should the victims be taken thorough care of, there is a need of understanding the psychology of bullies and try to overcome the situations that have led them to this point which can most importantly include family issues.

7. Training

Moreover, colleges should arrange training programs for their teachers so that the teachers know what they are supposed to do when they spot their students or anyone in their vicinity being a victim of bullying.

The teachers should be told not to create panic but to stay calm and try to stay in control resolving the issue according to the colleges anti bullying policies.

Nevertheless, students should be given proper instructions about how they should stand up for themselves and face such situations with intelligence and bravery.

To really prevent bullying at colleges the management should take these steps into consideration and should work on this cause, because it will only grow and ruin more lives.

Lets join hands and play our parts in reducing this issue before it gets out of hands. Our college managements can play a vital role in resolving the hot issue.

As mentioned above not just the child but the whole school and the families and everyone that is linked to the child gets affected and get disturbed.

Preventing bullying in colleges will help ensure that the students thrive in safe and caring environment in which they are free to learn and grow.

We know that this experience can be devastating for the victim, and we can help a child sustain and grow with the healthiest mental state.

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