8 Ways to Master the Art of Living an Optimistic Life

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is busy running their race. What exactly are they running towards? The answer to this is a mystery. What’s not a mystery is that this can tire people out, a lot! Not just physically but also mentally. It can affect men and women alike, whether they are office workers, home-makers or even students.

Following the same monotonous and robotic routine can surely turn you into a fuzzy-brained emotional and physical mess. It can also make you feel empty and build-up unnecessary feelings of negativity, which is definitely not needed! There are a few easy ways in which you can eliminate bottled-up stress and negative emotions and replace them with optimism to give your life a 180° turn.

1. Be grateful and content

We are seldom thankful for all that we have and keep on desiring for what we don’t. In doing so we only tire ourselves further by working hard day and night without a break. Contentment and gratitude are two things that can help you put a break to your desires and let you live and enjoy your life in the present…with all that you currently have. Recognize and count your blessings every day to keep yourself on track. Reminisce on the good times and sail through the rough patches with a smile.

2. Tweak your diet

Not eating at the right time, skipping meals, and eating junk food will only cause your body to feel sluggish and deprive you of important vitamins and minerals needed by the body to function properly. Many studies have proven that a diet that comprises of good amounts of fruits and vegetables can significantly improve mental health. Vegetables and fruits like carrots, spinach and berries are rich in antioxidants, which help in fighting mood swings and promote positive thinking.

3. Work on building your immunity

Immunity and optimism are directly proportional to one another. An increase in one results in an increase in the other, and vice versa. It is very important to strengthen your immune system because no one likes to fall ill, and any sickness that puts you in bed and prevents you from working can actually increase your stress levels and make you feel down in the dumps! Similarly, staying positive and optimistic can actually help to get you out of that dump and onto the road for recovery, even faster than medicines!

4. Take time to pamper yourself

Remember to put everything on hold and give some time to yourself. It is not always possible to go for a vacation to unwind (although it’s a great idea!). But it is definitely possible to indulge in activities that make you happy. It can be a long hot shower, a soothing massage, drawing, painting, cooking, or anything! Anything thing that can lift your mood, make you feel good about yourself, and that doesn’t seem like a chore. Your body and mind have a right over you too!

5. Walk the negativity off

Anytime you feel your negative emotions are taking over you, leave everything and head out for a walk. Walking has countless benefits for the human body. Not only is it the easiest way to keep yourself in shape, but it is also an excellent means of detoxification and elimination of any negative energies building up in you. This is actually the magic of breathing! Walking increases your intake of oxygen and higher levels of oxygen automatically relax your brain and promote positive thoughts. Thus, you find yourself smiling for no reason!

6. Meditate to reset your mind

Meditation has similar effects on the body as walking, but these effects are not just limited to the body or the mind. Meditation helps in cleansing the soul too, which is equally important when you are trying to transition into an optimistic lifestyle. It helps you to let go of your physical, mental and spiritual burdens and begin a new each time.

You get to connect to your inner self and creates self-awareness. There have been multiple studies on this topic, which prove that meditation has a promising impact on the human brain, and it acts as a natural anti-depressant! As a beginner, you can try different breathing meditation techniques like Andrew Weil’s 4-7-8 breathing method.

Once you have control over your breathing, then you can slowly and gradually transition into other advanced meditation techniques like mindful meditation, mantra meditation, Zen meditation, etc.

7. Watch your favorite sports matches

As crazy as it may sound, watching your favorite sports can really help your body in many ways! A study conducted in 1988 proved that Frenchmen who watched their favorite sports, as compared to those who didn’t, were less likely to develop or die from cardiovascular disease. This is because the subjects felt super happy and optimistic while watching the match, and as a result, their hearts and minds remained healthier for longer.

8. Surround yourself with productive people!

People around us, their words, their behaviors and their energies really influence the way we think, talk and behave. Thus, it is very important to surround yourself with people who have positive energies and productive attitudes. Hanging out with optimistic people who channel their positive approach towards life can really help you to become a positive thinker too. This is probably why people say to choose your friends wisely!

Samantha Kindler

Samantha Kindler is a world traveler, with four continents conquered and three remaining. She lives in Hawaii, where she enjoys hiking and has the beach available to her throughout the year. She recently got the opportunity to spend over ten months in Korea and fell in love with their minimalist way of life. She has driven to 49 states with her father, but upon visiting Hawaii, she just wanted to stay.

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