5 Ultimate Ways To Overcome Anxiety Or How To Overcome Anxiety

Ways To Overcome Anxiety Attacks how to overcome anxiety.
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It’s part of life. From traffic jams to long queues at a supermarket, from a particularly nosy colleague to a troubled relationship, having a bad hair day, having a tough time with your health and so on, there are many sources on “Some Ways To Overcome Anxiety Attacks” or how to overcome anxiety.

The real problem arises when this stretches for long periods of time and starts affecting your physical activities, mental performance, and social behaviors. In its extreme form, anxiety may show up as physical disorders like a digestive problem, cardiac problem, and hypertension and can become a psychiatric disorder too.

To combat and prevent anxiety and to combat negative repercussions of anxiety, we propose some ways to overcome anxiety attacks or how to overcome anxiety.

1. Prioritize Yourself And Your Life

Many of us surround ourselves with a lot to do, running errands, a full-time job, responsibilities, and work and eventually what we lose is our inner self. Our psychological and mental well-being is fundamental for our physical body to work. To maintain your mental well-being and emotional state, it is important to nurture yourself and to grow personally.

A convenient tool to prioritize yourself is to keep a journal of how you spend your time and how would you like to dedicate some time to yourself and to do things that you like. When the time devoted to daily things and errands goes high, make it a point to support your hobbies, your likes, and your personal growth. This is one of the ways from “Ways To Overcome Anxiety Attacks” or how to overcome anxiety

Some key ideas to self-nurturing are: 

– Learning new skills.
– Pursuing your hobbies and interests.
– Socializing with people you love.
– Community service.
– Walk in nature.

2. Say No

Saying “No” is a tough decision but a vital one for your sanity. Overcommitting is a big reason for anxiety; you cannot manage your time when you commit too much, and ultimately your own errands and tasks start piling up. When you first say no, expect some reaction but when you make it a point to prioritize and manage your time, everyone eventually learns to respect your decisions

3. Don’t Be A Perfectionist

Sometimes little imperfections and uncertainty don’t hurt. Do not focus too much on the perfection of a task that you lose sight of other important things in your life or on your schedule. Worrying about small petty details and waiting forever till you achieve perfection can be a major contributor to anxiety levels.

4. Identify What Triggers Anxiety

Keep a record of stuff that triggers anxiety. Record what triggered your anxiety level and also how did you feel and how did you react. When you have marked down the major reasons for anxiety, practice overcoming the fear. Try to identify major thought distortions and reasons for it. When you know exactly the sources of anxiety, you can then work on yourself and come out of the fear.

5. Practice Gratitude

Make it a point to identify small joys and happiness in life and be grateful for them. When you feel your negative emotions taking over, write ten things you are thankful for. Talk about your gratitude with others to reinforce the positivity. The feeling of deprivation is a trap that will push you into ditches of negativity. So combat them with gratitude.

Some anxiety and worrying is part of life, but when it starts taking over, it is time to take it seriously and to take appropriate action. Nipping anxiety in the bud is an easier and better way to come back to relaxed and happy life again.

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