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What a Shaman Sees in a Mental Hospital

Shamans believe that when mental illness starts, this is a sign that a healer is going to be born. It seems that shamans believe that those who are suffering from mental disorders should be rightly guided.

There are a lot of people who think that mental illness is something wrong, but for the other world, mental illness is actually good news. Those who are suffering from mental illness would be sent a message from the spirit world.

This goes for all types of mental disorders whether they are mental or behavioral.

Dr. Some went to the United States in the year 1980, and he was shocked to see the different things that people do when they are placed in mental hospitals. He feels that the things that the doctors of the West are focusing on things that are completely different.

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The symptoms that are being exhibited by people who have nervous depression and all of the other mental disorders are the same symptoms that are being shown by individuals who are from his village. He was surprised to see that people who are born to become healers are being treated unpleasantly. He feels that talent that people are supposed to get are just being wasted.

Not Trained to Understand the Psychic Phenomena

It seems that people who are from the West are not aware of the psychic phenomena and even if they are aware, they do not know exactly how they can deal with it. Doctors are not aware of how they are going to deal with people who are experiencing things like this.

When doctors treat people with anti-psychotic drugs, the problem gets worse. The soul will not grow.

When Dr. Some went to the mental wards, he described that there are a lot of “beings” that are hanging around near the patients. It says that these “beings” are not immediately seen by other people. These “beings” are supposed to be trying to remove the effects of the drugs that are taken by the individuals but of course, they fail. He felt sad that he could not save the people that were there. He just became upset so he left.

The Dagara Tradition

The difference of the Dagara tradition with the Western Culture is immense. In the Dagara tradition, when people are experiencing some of the symptoms that people with a mental health condition usually experience, they are frequently being helped by the whole community.

This allows them to communicate with the other world effectively. Those who are experiencing the same symptoms commonly experience skills from the other world.

According to Dagara tradition, soon-to-be healers who are trapped in mental hospitals are being hurt by beings so that they would still have the ability to release some messages to the world but these messages are often being ignored.

What happens is that the person does not transcend to be the healer that he is supposed to be.

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There are also a lot of individuals who are often considered to be overly sensitive, but since people from the Western culture usually stop people from feeling too vulnerable, they do not experience what they are supposed to go through.

There are different things about the Western culture that are not too useful for sensitive people. They frequently feel overwhelmed.

What About Schizophrenia?

It seems that there are people who are suffering from schizophrenia who usually experience different details and information. There are times when individuals who are experiencing these things are not sure about what they are going through, so they often lose their minds.

According to Dr. Some, there is a type of shamanic practice called Sweep that is meant to improve the flow of energies that are flowing through the person’s brain.

With the shamanic practice, it will be easier for the person to determine the flow of energy so that the individual will not be burned out. In the Western culture, those who get burned out, are usually brought to the mental ward. Whenever people start screaming and yelling, people are going to be drawn to mental hospitals.

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One thing that should be stated is that not all of the spirits or the beings who are trying to tell people things are healers. There are some negative beings that may have adverse effects on people as well.

A Mental Patient Viewed Differently in America and Africa

In order to see how the mental patient in America is considered in Africa, Dr. Some brought home, one patient. The patient started out having hallucinations when he was 14 years old and he was returned to Africa when he was 18. Prior to that, he was given a lot of drugs and nothing was helping. His parents were already feeling hopeless because he did not know what to do.

The parents allowed Dr. Some to take their son to Africa. After 8 months, Alex started to act almost normal. He began participating in some of the healers who are doing their work in Africa. The patient allowed himself to be safe in Africa where he stayed in 4 years. The patient felt that he did not need healing anymore after he felt healthy. He just felt safer there in general.

The way that the patient reacted to a different form of healing made Dr. Some think that mental illness and the world of the spiritual realm may be interconnected to each other. Due to what the patient has experienced, he started to study Psychology in order to know what to do with his life. From then on, he moved on from the “mental illness” that he was diagnosed with. Nobody thought that the patient would be able to do undergraduate studies.

When the patient was in Africa, he was able to convey messages from the other world but people did not understand his spoken language which is English, and this made things harder for him to describe what he was going through.

Spiritual Connection

It seems that people who are in the West do not understand that “mental illness” may be connected to the ancient spiritual energy that is trying to come out of the person. The job of the person is to trace back from where the old spirit is from. The spirits are usually connected to nature, so if people would try their best to connect with nature, they may be healed.

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The main reason why a lot of individuals normally suffer from mental disorders when they are in cities is that they feel a certain disconnect from nature. There are a lot of machines that surround them so they rely on these devices in order to survive and this is not the way that life is supposed to go. When the spirit comes back from the ancient world, it will try to make the person reconnect and the more than a person resists, the harder it is going to be.

It seems that human energy should be connected to nature. Some people will be called to the mountains while there are also others who will be drawn to the rivers. It will depend on the ancient spirit that attaches itself to the person.

The Ritual to Spiritual Awareness and Mental Illness

Dr. Some has a goal which is to let the people who are in the Western World to discover the spiritual ritual that will help those who are said to be suffering from mental illness to recover. He does feel that the road to doing that will not be easy because Westerners will not always be open to the idea.

He says that people will be distressed because they will not realize what they have to go through to accept the spiritual world plus the ritual that they have to go through. He encourages that people who have experienced this should all come together so that they can have a better understanding of what they are going through.

One ritual is having a bonfire and different items that are relevant to the individual will be thrown directly into the fire. This will help the message of the spirits to come through. At the same time, the spirits may try to communicate with the individuals that they have attached themselves to.

Dr. Some says that it is very important for the balance between the dead and the alive to be equal otherwise some problems may occur. Some people who have died are unable to heal themselves so they keep trying to go back to the world of the living in order to get the type of healing that they deserve. When people start to recognize that the spirit world is trying to connect with the world of the living, then people will be more open to possible things that they can do to stop the negative flow of energy that they may experience in the hands of their “beings.”

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