What Can You Not Eat With Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment

Everyone wants to move a step closer to a more beautiful and confident self. Do you ever wonder what makes Invisalign so special? Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment plan that takes people one step closer to a beautiful smile. Invisalign is special because it effectively tackles crooked teeth and improves oral health. Moreover, it is also affordable making it accessible to others.

Invisalign aligners can bring people one step closer to self-confidence. Since crooked teeth can interfere with proper chewing and increase the risks of developing a cavity, Invisalign is a blessing. From individuals who straightened their teeth, 92% state that straight teeth are vital for their confidence. Regardless of age, people feel better with aligned teeth.

However, some age groups can benefit more from Invisalign than others. Let’s face it; teenage years are markedly self-conscious and emotional. Most young individuals strive to look aesthetically pleasing. Uneven teeth coupled with metal braces may appear as an obstacle on the road of confidence. Invisalign for teens is a lifesaver because it reduces hesitation from smiling and improves self-esteem.

These dental aligners straighten teeth and help individuals become more confident. The results of Invisalign are pretty promising making them worth the investment. However, some things need to be taken care of to ensure that the treatment works. In particular, there are a few food restrictions.

There are various teeth straightening methods out there, but Invisalign is the best. Paying a little attention to what you eat or drink during the treatment will secure a favorable result. Let’s have a look at the items that you should avoid consuming during your Invisalign treatment.


Are you fond of chewing gum? You’ll have to avoid it during the treatment. For the Invisalign treatment to be successful, the dental aligners must be in place for about 21 hours a day. Since you have to remove the aligners whenever you chew gum, you should avoid developing a liking for it. Though the sticky sweet gum may make you feel good, it does considerable harm to your teeth.

Dental professionals are of the opinion that the properties of gum make it unhealthy for consumption. Dentists heavily recommend avoiding gum during an Invisalign treatment as it can dislodge existing fillings or prosthetics. Moreover, chewing gum negatively impacts salivary flow which is bad news for good oral health.

Another factor for you to consider is how chewing, in general, can cause a breakage in the Invisalign aligners. After all, they are made of plastic, and they can easily be distorted with cracks if they are not used carefully.

Sticky candies

Sticky candies and gum have one thing in common. They are bad for dental health. Both these treats tend to leave residue on your teeth which is problematic for the Invisalign aligners. Moreover, they can even leave an entire layer of sugar on your teeth which causes cavities. Though sticky candies may seem fun, they are detrimental to oral hygiene.

Staying away from sticky candies is a must. Why harm your oral hygiene anyway? Some pieces of the candy can even get lodged between teeth. Sticky sweets should be consumed as less as possible to avoid an embarrassing teeth situation. Moreover, you also run the risk of staining the aligners yellow with the candy consumption.

Colored Drinks

You do not have a passport to drink whatever you want with the Invisalign aligners on your teeth. These aligners are prone to get stained when you consume colored drinks. The plastic used to create Invisalign is vulnerable to discoloration and heat damage. Therefore, avoiding colored drinks and hot drinks like soda, alcohol, and coffee is necessary.

Hot drinks can also end up warping the aligners. The plastic of the aligner is vulnerable to hot temperatures which is why it cannot withstand drinks like coffee. Problems with the aligners due to heat damage can end up extending the duration of the treatment. Therefore, being careful with what you drink when wearing the aligners is necessary. According to some dental professionals, you should only consume water during the Invisalign treatment.


So you have your Invisalign treatment planned out. Maintaining oral hygiene and keeping the Invisalign aligners on for about 21 hours a day is essential for the treatment to work. There is a certain amount of vigilance that is required to protect the aligners and ensure a successful treatment. You cannot consume chewing gum or sticky candies. These sugary treats can leave unwanted residue on your teeth. It is also in your best interests to avoid carbonated drinks or alcoholic drinks. Anything that has the potential to harm the aligners should be avoided. The results of the treatment will be satisfying if you take account of the restrictions.

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