What do Millennial’s Value 5 Things You Need to Understand

what do millenials value

Millennial’s are those individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. Also known as Generation Y, these are the most educated, tolerate yet the most misunderstood generation. According to a 2012 estimate, there were around 80 million Millennial’s in the United States, outnumbering any other generation.

Let’s have a look over 5 things that millennial’s value.

Millennial value Tolerance and Equality:

A wave of equality and tolerance sweeping the millennial generation has caused many to choose tolerance over cultural, ethnical and religious conscientious objections. According to a report by Pew Research Center, 40% millennial’s agree that government should be able to prevent people from saying offensive things to minority groups. They either keep quiet to be perceived as tolerant or supposedly fight for equality.

Millennial’s value freedom extremely highly, let it be intellectual, spiritual, civic, political, personal or religious freedom. Also, they believe in equality and protection of human rights. Most of the feminists and anti-war organizations consist of Millennial’s working hard to maintain peace in the world and giving every soul the liberty to practice their desires the way the want without disturbing others.

Millennial’s love sharing:

No, they are not selfish. Social media impacts the way millennial’s think, the way they act and the way they communicate just like television and cell phones impacted earlier generations. Millennial’s grew up with the idea of sharing their lives way before they learned what it was meant to truly live.

This generation believes we are all part of a crowd. With whom, we share. They’ll tweet about a normal day activity, share a sunset on Instagram, spam your wall with Buzz Feed articles. But, all this is meant to share things they find interesting and quirky.

They’re usually called selfish and self absorbed. But all this sharing leads to something else. Sharing posts, pictures and tweets have turned into sharing food, living spaces, cars and money. This idea of sharing gives them a different set of values.

Today you will find millions of millennial’s traveling the world and letting you know about it through YouTube, or sharing motivational videos on weight loss/gain, treatments, awareness against depression and anxiety, sharing experiences, even food bloggers sharing new cuisine they tried. And not all of them get paid for it.

The world millennial’s are creating is based online. They’re actually working hard to make everyday life worth sharing.

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Millennial love Netflix and Gaming

According to a recent survey by Yellow Brick, Millennial’s use Netflix and gaming to cope with burnout. They turn to technology to distance themselves from being constantly connected. Although studies say that binge-watching can have long-term side effects, but if you practice self-control, it’s not a bad coping mechanism.

Boomers and other generations have always loved traditional slot machines, but millennial consumers are not as enticed by pushing a button and sitting idly waiting for a random number to determine the betting outcome.

Netflix and Gaming offers both distraction and entertainment for coping mechanism. Instead of partying or getting drunk, this generation is likely to be at home on a weekend, binge watching a new show every week or repeating an old sitcom or playing video games to get rid of the whole weeks exhaustion.

Whether it’s a friend’s gathering or a date night, or even a lunch break, most of the Millennial’s can be found with plugged headphones, streaming TV shows and virtually fighting or racing.

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They like to make Online friends

Ask a millennial, when was the last time they traveled to visit a friend? It must have been a while…or more probably. Or maybe when was the last time they had an in-depth conversation with one? That must be just recently. Except that it definitely wasn’t at some local bar, it must be over an online chatting site.

People say that millennial’s are arrogant and disrespectful, and conversations usually end with an “kids these days” with a very obvious eye roll. The older generations would reminisce about the old times, and how they used to play outside with their “real” friends. They fell in love people who lived nearby and wrote letters to their pals telling them all about it.

But they don’t see that having the ability to get instant social gratification is not so bad at all. Millennial’s choose friends more wisely now and they definitely don’t waste much time on mediocrity. Many Millennial best friends meet online. They have friends who wouldn’t judge them, use them or exploit them.

There are many platonic friendships online where you just get to express yourself freely or ask for advises and get to know about the world and people that don’t belong to just a small neighborhood. Millennial’s are more comfortable around their online friends than friends in reality.

Millennial value Education and Technology

As discussed in Inc.’s The Complete Story of the Millennial Generation, new technology is driving an important shift in our culture and society, and this is both important and factual. The young generation Y is in love with technology and the endless possibilities that it has to offer such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, block chain and smart contracts.

The Millennial students genuinely believe that new technologies have made existing, traditional models, policies and practices obsolete. They don’t feel the need to be textbook smart and rather rely on practicality and experiences.

Being the most educated generation, students expect education to help them prepare for the new opportunities and challenges in the future. The generation realizes that traditional career paths are not available anymore, nor do they interest or inspire them.

Everyone wishes to be more entrepreneurial. They understand that jobs are and will become more flexible so they explore the possibilities of starting their own business.

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