What Hoarding Disorder feels like

Hoarding disorder is one of the anxiety disorders since it can spark marked anxiety in the individual going through the disorder. To put it simply, the individual goes through the fear and anxiety of losing one’s possessions which results in hoarding of possessions or inability to let go of possessions.

Many people do not see this as a disorder, or rather a habit of collecting or holding objects dear to them. Well perception differs from human to human, such disorders exist and many people have been treated for it.

We can say Ted Mosby from the famous sitcom How I Met Your Mother was suffering from hoarding disorder, however, he did give up a lot of his stuff by the end of the show. Although he tried his best to keep his belongings with him.

Many people associate objects, gifts or belonging with certain memories. I still have the first color box my mother bought for me. Since it takes me back to the 90s and brings back happy memories. Many people like to keep their clothes with them, even if they are torn out and don’t fit them anymore.

Now, many would give several explanations to why they keep all their stuff and don’t throw away their stuff, but we know that they are experiencing a hoarding disorder.

Hoarding disorder symptoms:

They cannot discard items without going through severe anxiety

They are always stuck in a dilemma, if the thing is ever going to benefit them or not. Or if they threw away the thing and it wasn’t treated rightly.

Several different questions arise their mind and they end up not throwing away something useless to them. It could be anything, a broken lamp, which can’t be fixed.

But you keep it, saying that it reminds you of your memories in a particular time etc.

However, it is a clear sign of hoarding disorder. It is true that we associate memories with objects and smells, but we also think straight and throw away the useless stuff.

They get indecisive about where to put possessions

Being indecisive is one thing and being indecisive about your belongings is a whole new level. People with a hoarding disorder are very indecisive about how to organize their belongings.

They keep thinking that a torn out painting might look classy in the living room but end up keeping it in your closet, because deep down you know that it ain’t worth the show.

Hoarding disorder can make you very indecisive about organizing your stuff and how to cope up with all the stuff that keeps rambling on.

Since you’re not throwing away the useless stuff, you’re just collecting a bunch of crap which you might never even use in your mere future.

They find it difficult to organize their possessions

They have difficulty in forming priority over their own stuff. They don’t know which stuff to value more and which to value less. They end up considering all the stuff the same, one good thing about them is that they are not materialistic at all.

They try to keep all their belongings in front of them, and if they find one missing, it scares the bejesus out of them. This could result in theft accusations towards others which can weaken one’s relationships with people. Making them toxic for the people they surround themselves with.

Being a roommate of a person with a hoarding disorder can be very hectic, since there is literally no space for your stuff and you have to bear with all the unnecessary stuff.

They get possessive when someone touches their stuff

Everyone is possessive about stuff that matters to them. For me it might be my baseball cards and for you it might be your makeup kit, but these people are just insane with their stuff. They will get mad when you touch anything, literally anything that belongs to them.

They will constantly get anxious that someone might harm or destroy their belongings just by touching them. They get quite obsessed and possessive about their stuff.

This trait can affect one’s relationships, since people like to be in a safe place with their partners. And if their partner is not comfortable with them touching their stuff, they try to distance themselves from them. Such relations tend to get toxic and short term.

Hoarding disorder can be harmful for yourself too, if you have it. You will run out of place and it will keep your distracted from the stuff you like doing.

Obsessive thoughts

Fear of running out of something so getting that particular thing way beforehand. They could even keep rechecking the trash obsessively just to make sure they haven’t discarded any item they didn’t want to discard.

This is something which can turn out to be very creepy. Not many people appreciate this kind of behavior. Resulting in people losing their grip over the stuff they had to do.

Lack of concentration might ruin your entire day and you’ll not be able to concentrate on your work. You’ll keep phasing out and wondering if everything is in its place, you’ll always be anxious about your stuff, wondering if something doesn’t go missing.

You might even lose your job if you don’t keep your attention from diverting, which is quite a task when you’re experiencing a hoarding disorder. It could very well cause impairment in daily functioning since they could end up hoarding to a point where their living space is being compromised.

They could maintain isolation because of their disorder

When you’re obsessed about your stuff and you keep wondering about your belongings are okay, you tend to spend more time with them, which results in you being isolated from your friends and family. It is okay to let go.

Hoarding disorder can be easily treated if you consult a doctor and learn to let things go. Nothing stays forever. Loneliness and isolation might destroy your life and you might throw away your peek years in such foolishness. Before it gets out of hand and you lose your grip over your obsession, learn to let things go.

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Daniel Parker is a writer, entrepreneur and a father. Daniel takes on digital platforms to write about his feelings and thoughts towards everything he loves. Daniel, currently living in Dallas, Texas and loves outdoor activities with his family.

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