What is Emotional Intelligence and How You Can Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

what is emotional intelligence

A person’s tendency to exhibit emotions and their ability to convert other’s emotion into feelings and reply to them respectively is known as emotional intelligence.

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

Now you must be wondering how can a person know their emotional intelligence and if someone lacks at it, how can they improve.

Well it is not that hard, all you need to do is understand emotional intelligence in depth. Don’t worry, it’s no rocket science, just a few principles which you already know and you just need to revisit them.

1. Self-Awareness

What is self awareness you ask? The same thing we have been talking about over and over again. Knowing who you are and what you want from life is known as self awareness.

Being aware of yourself and knowing where you are in life. Knowing yourself is essential for every person so that later in life you don’t end up as an old person who has a list of regrets and wishes that he/she could go back in time and fix certain things.

Going back in time is impossible and even if it was possible, Back to the Future has shown us that when meddle with time, it tends to mess back.

So, whatever is lost is lost, think about the future and plan for the best. Take a few days off, probably go on a vacation, choose a calm beach and think about what you want from life and how are you going to achieve all of that.

Self awareness is the process of knowing what you want in life and knowing who you are.

Take a break and ponder over your life and just relax for a while, it is alright to take a break from the world and yourself. No one is going anywhere and if they are, they were never meant to stay.

2. Socializing abilities

Being able to socialize easily is a gift and not all of us have it. All high school stories start with an introverted kid who is struggling to fit them in the cool-kid group but at the end of the story, they realize that isn’t the answer.

Well not everyone’s life is a story and these stories are written for us to take motivation and to realize that being cool isn’t the answer.

The answer is quite easy, you need to work on your socializing skills because it’s not only the cool kids at school you would want to be with.

Either give up on people, lock yourself up and live your life in solidarity or just get up and say that you can be better.

Emotional intelligence defines how social you are, people with a lower emotional intelligence are not able to comprehend emotions and even if they do they are pretty bad at returning the favor.

For example, you like a pretty girl and they keep dropping signs that they want you to make a move, and even if you are dying to make a move but you are never able to direct those emotions towards them.

For this you need to start taking part in public conferences and start opening up to people. Let people know what you feel and let the emotions flow.

Never give up on yourself and never think that you are inferior to someone. Everyone single person is equal in this world.

3. Cognitive development and human behavior

Cognitive development is very essential to be taken in regard when we are talking about emotional intelligence. Knowing how a person responds to certain emotions is connected to his/her cognitive development.

We all are brought in this world the same way but brought up differently, some have rich families, some have mean families, some have poor but caring families and it differs from family to family.

Consulting a psychologist in such cases is highly recommended by everyone. Open up to your doctor and let them help you. In case you can’t afford a psychologist, you know there are many other ways to make yourself feel at ease and no I’m not talking about drugs.

Such development is responsible for our behavior with people everyday, how we manage our anger and feelings. This shows how good we are with manipulating our feelings and letting the best of us out.

To understand human behavior, you need to dig deep in the other person and understand the factors which made them the way they are. Nothing in this world happens for no reason, every movement, every idea has a decision behind it.

So don’t worry if you’re going through such stuff since nothing is impossible in this world. Just a little love and you’re fixed forever.

4. Being an Empath

Being able to perceive emotions of others is one of the traits of people with high emotional intelligence. The higher emotional intelligence, more empathy a person possesses.

If you are not aware of what empathy is, then it is the ability to predict the emotions of others and know beforehand how they will respond to gestures or situations.

Empathy is more useful in life than any other trait since it is like knowing what the other person might feel and what he/she is most likely to do.

Talking about relationships, since relationships are the ones which get most affected by a person’s emotional intelligence. The lower the emotional intelligence the less affectionate you might be in real life towards your partner.

Do you ever plan a lot for them and end up doing nothing and thinking they wouldn’t like your gesture? This happens when you think negatively of life and depict outcomes which are not possible.

An emotionally intelligent person would share their love and show how they feel about you on every occasion. This certainly doesn’t mean that every person is similar and we should understand that people have different reactions to different scenarios.

Different approaches to life is what makes us human, our will to feel and comprehend them makes us human.

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