What is Self-Efficacy and How to Improve It

What is Self-Efficacy and How to Improve It

A happy, peaceful and satisfied life is a gift which is not known to many. We emphasize so much on how we should do what we love the most yet we end up living the most boring lives.

If you like writing, makeup or anything which depicts your creativity, people discourage you because the money being offered isn’t enough.

We all remember Jim Carrey saying “I wish everyone could be famous and rich, so that they know that this isn’t the answer.”

These words hit me hard when I heard them and since that day, I’ve spent my life writing and trying to bring the best of me out.

What is Self-Efficacy?

Self-efficacy can be defined as a thought process which enables you to understand your ability to do a task and how good you can perform the following task.

For example if you ask Ronaldo about his goal scoring in tonight’s match, he might be very confident about it and he would probably respond with a number of goals he is confident to score.

But similarly, if you asked him a different question, let’s say, if you asked Ronaldo about how confident he is about flying a jet or cooking a meal, his answer might be different.

Your confidence in a certain ability is the literal definition of the word efficacy. However, there are many aspects of self-efficacy which you need to understand in order to master your grasp over life.

Mastering life is an art, art not known to everyone, we have seen movies like the Green Mile showing how people end up with regrets wishing that they had made different choices and lived differently.

There is much more to life if you start pondering over what you wanted to be and where life has brought you.

How can you improve self-efficacy and master your grasp over it?

You never know which path is right for you unless you start the journey, it might take you to oblivion or bring you back to the ground but you won’t ever know unless you give it a shot.

Self-confidence and self-efficacy are pretty much connected to each other. To attain the best of it, you need to learn how to live your life to the fullest.

Never give up on your dreams and always keep your calm, these words have been told to us over and over throughout our lives, but we never actually worked on them.

Being steadfast in life is the most important trait which every human should master. For a smoker, he/she thinks every day that they will quit smoking but they never do.

They might even quit for a day or two, or max a week, but then they are taken over by their needs.

1. Always start with I can!

This phrase is the most important phrase in this entire article, always say you can and you will. No matter what the challenge is, once accepted, there is no going back.

Only cowards look back and change their decisions. Always remain steadfast and think that you can do it. For example, if you want to sing and you aren’t that good at it, keep practicing.

One day you will achieve what you want to achieve regardless of what people keep telling you. If you others can, so can you so keep working on it.

Nothing in this world is impossible, the stronger the will, the harder the path, the greater the reward will be.

2. Talk to the man in the mirror

The man in the mirror knows more about you than you think you know. Always dig deep within yourself for answers and trust me you will never be disappointed.

There are two types of overthinkers, one who think the world is against them and always think negative and the ones who think to learn and grow, who think positively about everything.

Ponder over your life and wonder how can you make it better. Know what you want in life and know what you are good at. The better you know your abilities the closer you get to achieving self-efficacy.

3. Set your goals straight

Once you know what you want in life, it is easier for you to proceed in life. If you don’t know what you want to be, how in the world do you think you can pursue that dream?

If I wanted to be an engineer and I took admission in a medical college, you wouldn’t think highly of me. Once you’ve set your goals straight, now plan in a chronological order. Things which you will be required to do in order to achieve your goal.

4. Bring more productivity in your life

Productivity is correlated to the amount of happiness, the more you try to be a better person and the more productive your day is, the happier you are.

You don’t have to do much if you want to be productive. I’m not asking you to master neuroscience overnight, just do it bit by bit.

Every day you will realize that you will be a step closer to your dream even if you’re taking baby steps.

Whenever you feel like giving up, just remember Coca-Cola sold only 50 bottles in their first year but they never gave up and now look at them.

5. Keep yourself motivated and work hard

It is normal to lose motivation and feel depressed but there are ways to snap out of it. Keeping yourself motivated is like keeping your body hydrated.

Always know what motivates you, it might be the picture or thought of someone you love, or you can always watch millionaires motivate you on YouTube.

Motivation is directly proportional to working hard, the more motivated you are the harder your work. Working hard is essential if you want to achieve something which people have been telling you that you can’t.

Just know that you can do it and keep going. Don’t stop no matter what happens, because we never say never.

Useful Tips to Get Over on Self-Defeating Thoughts and Behavior

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