What Is Your Alter Ego Like (Based on Your Zodiac Sign)?

Astrology is a fickle topic for most and is indeed more like an art than a science. Each sign tends to lean towards specific personality traits, both negative and positive. Let’s explore the alter egos for each zodiac sign, despite their typical, more dominate behaviors that everyone else knows them for.

Aries – Outgoing and Adventurous but Privately Chill

Anyone who knows an Aries will surely recall their energy and confidence. However, an Aries will always find time for themselves in the most relaxing state. Chilling out on the couch and enjoying some down time helps to balance their adventurous nature and keep things on track with their energetic, mental state.

Taurus – Everything About You is Mainly for Show

Whether a Taurus would like to admit it or not, their need for a clean and organized life is a must considering they need to be that way to hide their inner slob. Sure they may be the most reasonable person you know but, in private, they are quite the opposite.

Gemini – A Social Butterfly but Only For a Limited Time

Those who are born as a Gemini are very well known for being everyone’s friend since their chronic need for attention is basically what defines them. Their need for socializing only goes so far though: private time to stable their inner child is ultimately essential to a Gemini, whether they know it not.

Cancer – Caring and Sweet but Not for the Best of Reasons

Sure, a Cancer is a loyal, caring friend but they don’t always portray themselves this way with selfless intentions. The fact of the matter is a Cancer’s sole motivation stems from their inherit selfish needs. While they may offer a lot of good, they do it only to help themselves in the end.

Leo – Confident and Scary yet Simplicity is Bliss

The brave individuals we know as Leos are confident, headstrong and everything in between. Their alter ego is being a simpleton: they may be the ruler of the land but, by the end of the day, they need things to wind down and be simple, easy to deal with to face the oncoming sunrise.

Virgo – Organized + Charitable + Martyr Equals a Complete Trainwreck

Virgos can be one of the most valuable people to have in your life. They certainly have unusual characteristics that go above and beyond most others’ abilities but if they hit a rough patch: they hit it hard. They can easily offer you the advice of a lifetime but for themselves? Not so much.

Libra – The Scales of Balance Ring True but Not Forever

Those who are born under the sign of Libra will continuously try to find balance in every aspect of their life and yours. However, their alter ego includes the character flaw of intensity. They often go to the extreme in situations especially if it’s something they are super passionate about.

Scorpio – Outgoing and Sexy while Secretly Square

If you know a Scorpio, then you are well aware of their inner sexuality and general “freaky” nature. In reality, they just feel the need to be this way to cover up their true nature to be boring. All they want is to be chill and relax, but they don’t think others are interested in such behavior so, they act out in the only way they know how.

Sagittarius – A True Fire Sign Masked by a Free Spirit

Adventurous roots and a free-spirited mind are present in a Sagittarius, but they are not nearly as kind as they seem. They have a fiery side that can be hard to contend with and, no matter how hard they try, their alter ego that is extra hard to overcome.

Capricorn – Star of the Show, The Show They Want You to See

Capricorns are the master of controlling the reality in which you see. They think they put out the persona of what they want to be perceived as but, in fact: they have no idea what to show or how to act so they go on the only things they know to please the audience. Their alter ego isn’t an alter ego at all since they can’t seem to find their true selves, to begin with.

Aquarius – A Mask of Confidence Shaded by Pure Confusion

Known for being the head of the crowd, an Aquarius is completely lost in life. They flow through their days as if everything is peachy but, when it gets down to brass tacks: they have no idea what they should do.

Pisces – The Secret Jerk

Despite all of their good intentions, a Pisces may be a great listener but don’t make the mistake of believing they’re listening to you. Deep inside they despise just about everyone while still giving them a fair chance in the end. The inner jerk of a Pisces may take over from time to time no matter how much they try to push it back.

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