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What The Way You Cuddle Says About Your Relationship?


It turns out that the way we talk and interact isn’t the only way to see how our relationship is going. Now, it seems that we can tell a lot from the way we cuddle our partners. It can be an indicator of whether things are going smoothly, but also how much trust is present, or indeed, how much love is present.

Cuddling is often seen as a vital part of a relationship. For couples, cuddling provides one of the most important physical attachments available and also benefit from a range of positives to a regular snuggle sesh!

The benefits are widely ranged and important to our mental health as well as our physical. Cuddling can allow good hormones such as oxytocin to be released into the brain to help keep us happy. Having a snuggle also helps reduce blood pressure and stress over time.

But there’s more to cuddling than just getting a rush of good feelings. It’s now thought that the position you hold when you snuggle up can indicate how your relationship is going. Here’s what your cuddling position may say about your partnership and how well it’s going.

When one of you lies on the other’s chest, it’s a show of trust in them

Lying so close to a person shows that there has to be a certain level of confidence between the two of you. It’s the perfect position to feel their heartbeat, or nuzzle into your partner’s neck, or feel the heat of them against you. It’s an intimate act, and it is often only performed by two people who care for one another.

It’s also a position where it’s easy to put an arm around your partner, no matter whether you’re lying on them or being laid on. An arm around someone is a protective barrier, and it makes both involved feel safer and secure.

The position you take is also a sign of your level of dominance. The person whose chest is being laid on is in the dominant position, which probably says a lot about the dynamic between the two of you.

Face-on cuddling shows a deep intimacy and love

If you and your partner cuddle face-to-face, you’re not in your dating phase. You’ve come a long way, and you’re not self-conscious anymore. Gone are the days where you feared inflicting your morning breath on your partner and slept the other way. You’re in love, and they’d risk a little stale breath for your any day of the week!

Being in this position can make you feel a little bit vulnerable, since eye contact is unavoidable, but if you can do it with ease, it shows you’re comfortable with your beau. Getting all close up and personal in this position with tangled legs and arms is like a symbol for a knot – you’re tied together tight, and it will take a lot of unpicking to pull the pair of you apart.

Spooning is a sign of ease and comfort

Spooning can be a sign of safety and comfort. Curled up together like two peas in a pod is a classic sign that you are content, easy-going and not going anywhere.

The big spoon is almost always the dominant person in the relationship. They’re also the most protective, and wrapping themselves around their partner shows a reluctance to let anyone else close. If a woman is a big-spoon in a relationship, it’s possible that she has a fear of losing control of their man, becoming possessive to prevent them slipping away.

As for the little spoon, they must have a certain amount of trust to engage in this type of cuddling. With their back turned to their partner, they’re showing that they are comfortable enough to allow them in, without being able to see what they’ll do next.

It can certainly be said that no cuddling means no connection

Everyone can enjoy a cuddle, but if there’s no emotional attachment there, it’s unlikely cuddles will ensue. On a one-night stand, cuddling afterward feels a little foreign, and it’s because there’s little or no attachment to make the action seem familiar.

No connection? No cuddles.

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