What Type of A Girlfriend Are You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Every person is unique, but we are all influenced by certain things in our life. One thing is the sun signs, which can tell us pretty accurately what we like and don’t like or what we are looking for in people and life in general.

Sun signs can also give you a hint, what kind of girlfriends you would be. So be ready for the truth:


It is quite known that Aries women are adventurous and know exactly what they want. They are confident enough to are aware of their value and not let anyone else bring them down. They are brilliant about their relationships as well, which means that they understand when things are not great, and they are very open and honest with their partner about it. So if they do not like something, they find a way to change it or walk away.


Taurus are powerful women. Although Venus, the planet of love and peace, rules over Taureans, they are fine being on their own. They rather wait for the perfect guy than being with someone, who they are not madly in love with. Taurus women are efficient, so they choose the guys who fit best for them. They do not make impulsive decisions, and for them, love takes a bit time, but when it comes, they will stay loyal to it.


Gemini women do not like routine. They are always looking for new exciting experiences and people. When they find a guy, they want the guy to be as spontaneous and as intellectual as they are. Still, there is always a danger that they get bored and just move on.


Cancer women are incredibly loving and caring. They will shower their partner with love and support. The only downfall is that Cancerians might get moody from time to time and it is tough to be around them at that point. But as the saying goes – if you cannot handle her at her worst, you sure as hell don’t deserve her at her best. And her best is the best you can imagine.


Leo women are fearless, and they love attention. They want to be the center of everything, and they like getting a lot of compliments. It might be hard to be in a relationship with a Leo because she tends to flirt with others if she is not getting enough attention from her partner. She needs to be treated like a queen, and she will treat you like a king as well.


Virgo women are not about playing games. They want someone they can count on and have a long-term relationship with. Virgos feel comfortable and safe in a routine, so do not expect too many surprises from them. Still, they are very loving, caring and loyal companions.


Libras are very committed. When they get a boyfriend, their whole life starts to revolve around this guy. They are adventurous souls, who want to have a relationship like they see in the Hollywood movies. They have a hard time letting go of a guy, even if they know inside that it is not working.


Scorpio women are very passionate. When they love, they love with their whole heart. Do not ever do anything to make them mad, because their payback will be hurtful. Scorpio women need all the attention from their partner; they get very jealous if their man has other women in his life (even if they are just friends).


Sagittarius women are very chilled and relaxed. They are not the complaining drama queens, but rather fresh girls. They are very open-minded and ready to try anything new. They are usually in the center of attention with other guys as well. Sometimes Sagittarius women get too honest with their partner – would you want to hear about every conversation and innocent flirt?


Capricorn women are very caring and supportive. They are the mom-type girlfriends, who tend to make sure their guy is never cold nor hungry. They will notice every little detail and make their partner feel loved. They might look tough, but underneath it, they a big heart and are very romantic. Capricorns tend to choose their partners very carefully, so they are not easy catches.


Aquarius women are very independent. They are usually career women, who are ambitious and hardworking. They might sacrifice some significant anniversaries and dates for their career, but that is just who they are. Aquarius women are very loyal and trustworthy. If they let you down, they will make up for it.


Pisces women are hopeless romantics. They want a robust and masculine guy, who will take of them. Pisces women are all about dinner dates and flowers. They love being surprised and doing spontaneous things with their partner. When a Pisces woman is in love, she will not have eyes for anyone else so that you can trust her completely.

Most girls have a type. This means they tend to date the same kind of guys over and over again. They might have a similar appearance, personality or interests. If these relationships have not worked out before, try to break your habit and find a guy, who does not fit into your “type.” You might find true happiness if you open up your mind to new experiences.

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