Why Hydration Is Important? Everything Adults Should Know About Hydration!

Importance of hydration

Staying hydrated and having a fully functional body is a blessing. If you have one, thank God for the blessings he has bestowed upon you. However, if you don’t have a fully functioning body and you find yourself always out of breath or always tired. There is some thinking you need to do.

There are many reasons for you being tired, you might be depressed, you might not have a proper diet, you might be working harder than usual or you just might be dehydrated in simple means. Being dehydrated is not just a phase nor does it happen for a short period of time. It has a longer and deeper run on the course of your body. 

Dehydration can become the root cause of many issues and has been reportedly been one of the most horrifying problems found in adults nowadays. Yes we get it, everyone has a busy routine and not everyone is habitual of ordering water instead of diet coke. Well, you can preserve your body fat that way, but still, it won’t get you anywhere. 

Importance of Hydration

Many people tend to pass hydration and the benefits of water as a joke. However, this joke is going to come back and troll them in the future. You have no idea how much pain it can cause you. Hydration is as important to a human as breathing is, the only difference is that you can’t stop the latter hence you ignore the prior.

The human body works in a simple way, water is important for your joints to work properly. Water is required in making red blood cells, hence the formulation of blood. Water is needed to circulate around each cell and keep your cells hydrated. Everyone knows that the human body is 71% water and the other 29% is basically you. And you, my friend, should start hydrating your body!

Diseases you might get from dehydration

Here is a list of diseases you might get from dehydration:

  1. Weakness and blackouts
  2. UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infection – Pus and Blood formulating your urine)
  3. Depression and anxiety; weaker the body, the weaker the brain works.
  4. Always tired and sleepy; lack of attention and lack of concentration towards daily tasks
  5. Panic attacks and dizziness; lack of water supply to the brain and body might make it collapse
  6. Diarrhea and vomiting; it is always a cause of dehydration and the aftermath as well, increasing from simple nausea to the bigger picture.  

Symptoms of dehydration

There are many symptoms of dehydration, feeling weak and tired throughout the day. When you know that you can perform a task and you’re still unable to do, means that you are going through some issues. Either your brain is exhausted and needs a vacation, or you are going through some tough depressive issues which are causing chain reactions in your mind to keep you away from fixing it. Another possibility is that you just might be dehydrated. Sometimes we don’t realise small things that we do to hurt our body and mental peace. One of them is dehydration and the lack of oxygen we provide to our body. 

  1. Thirsty mouth
  2. Dizziness
  3. Increased nausea
  4. Burning in urination
  5. Decrease in the amount of urination
  6. Headache
  7. Dry skin
  8. Blackouts
  9. Seizures
  10. Less sweat 

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Causes can be lethal 

We might not take into account the possible outcomes of dehydration but believe me when I say it, they can be lethal. Dehydration can cause diseases like UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), Ulcer and Piles. All these diseases can and have been proven lethal. For those who don’t know what UTI and Piles is, let me explain. 

Urinary Tract Infection is caused due to premature ejaculation and lack of hydration provided by your body. It has been proven that the more amount of liquids and water you consume, the better you’re meant to urinate. However, many people experience burning while urination and when it gets nasty, it creates an infection, causing pus and blood to amalgamate in urine. This drains the entire energy of your body and concentrates it on one point. If not treated with care and urgency, the effects can be disastrous. 

Piles can be simply explained as formations of pimples at the inner layer of your anus. These pimples or the formation of an unwanted layer is as painful as giving birth to a child. Each time a person passes stool, the pimples are forces to burn and that burning causes bleeding. Which has led to death in several cases. This deadly disease is caused by excessive eating, eating spicy food and lack of water supplies. So, think before you do something which might cause harm to your body and try to keep yourself at peace.  

Effect of dehydration on everyday work

The more you let dehydration take over your body, the more you get lazier at work. Since we have already discussed the symptoms and causes of dehydration, you now know the outcomes and the aftermath of dehydration. When you always find yourself lazy and tired, try drinking water or antioxidants to keep your body hydrated. This feeling of laziness and tiredness is going to drive you insane. This is going to make your procrastinate your work and result in you being expelled from work. Nobody wants to hire a lazy guy to their work, they’ll keep fishing.

How to overcome dehydration

How do you overcome any issue? We just apply the anti matter theory to it. Don’t worry, it is no rocket science and no one is asking you to do something out of bounds. Just do one thing, keep a water bottle with yourself and drink till you die. Drink at least 8 to 10 liters of water daily. If you have been experiencing these problems, consult your doctor about it. He or she knows better than me. However, I can advise you to drink as much water possible during the day and try to drink antioxidants if you can, those are real energy boosters.  

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