Why is it Important to be Kind?

Why is it Important to be Kind

Kindness is what makes us stand out from others. We see daily how inconsideration can take you to a world full of insanity and cruelty. Practicing kindness teaches us humanity, and keeps our feet attached to the ground, and makes us whole as an individual human. We tend to look more acceptable and good when we choose to be kind. This way we can influence our surroundings and this is why we need to be kind.

Making the World a Better Place

When we are kind to others it gives them the chance to trust us and open up to us. Kindness is a language everyone understands, no matter what background they are from. In the stressful times and moments of life one small act of kindness can lead to a big change and difference in someone’s life, for example, if you compliment them on their dressing, look, or hard work they have been doing, exchange presents, or help out in their hectic routine.

With every day’s responsibility and harshness, we all need someone who can show us a little kindness to make our day better so when you show gratitude or kindness to others you are choosing to create a less chaotic world for people who are connected with you and everyone else. Just a few nice and kind words can make a person extremely happy.

Elevates your Mental Health

Kindness is not only bound to your daily life relations or routine. It has some health benefits as well. For example, when you help someone with something they were struggling to do, as an act of kindness it gives you relief, a sense of being content, happy, and fortunate.

As a result, the brain releases the hormones which are responsible for uplifting your frame of mind. It also improves your ability to think justly and act as a responsible and reliable person. By releasing such hormones as serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins are helping you with making your day better.

Everything you do Comes back to You

Kindness is a quality not found in everyone, and only if the whole world was kind, it would have been a better place to live in for everyone. We can rarely see people around us practicing it, that is why people emphasize being good to yourself, rather than finding one with such qualities we admire from a distance. So, when you make it your habit, it starts attracting other people towards it.

And one way or another what you do comes back to you. Irrespective of a person’s values and ideology he is known by his personality. When gestures like kindness, acceptance, and justice are qualities of his personality, he is respected more.


In conclusion, the advantages of being kind are not limited to us only but to our surroundings too. It brings lots of changes and positivity to the environment, and our life. By being less judgmental and more kind we contribute to our society more in a healthy and prosperous way. So strive to be kind towards others and bring out the best version of yourself.

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